Performance pedigree of:

Boris van het Kluizebos

ISJ Level 1.40m

Breeder: Stefaan Delabie, Oostende ( Belgium )  
Current name: Boris van het Kluizebos
Former name: Borg Van Het Kluizebos
Year of birth: 2001
Country of birth: Belgium
Color: bay
Gender: Stallion
Studbook: BWP
Earnings: € 175
Approved for: BWP, SI


1989   Heartbreaker (KWPN, bay stallion by Nimmerdor) Approved for: KWPN, SF, BWP, SWB ISJ level 1.60m with Peter Geerink (NLD) and Grant Wilson (NZL)
1st CSIO 1998 - Nations Cup 1998 Falsterbo (SWE); See more

1st dam:
1995    Chanel ( Kerrin II ) ( Holst, bay mare by Carthago Z ) See more

  • 1999   Catalani (Holst, bay stallion by Caretino) Approved for: Holst, Sachs, SaThüSee more
  • 2001   Buttercup van de Heffinck Et05 (Buttercup Van De Heffinck) (BWP, bay mare by Quite Easy I)See more
    • 2006   Guapo vd Heffinck (BWP, bay stallion by Clearway) See more
  • 2001   Bonheur van het Costersveld (BWP, bay mare by Heartbreaker)See more
    • 2007   Codex 22 (Westf, bay stallion by Consolidator) ISJ level 1.50m with Margie Goldstein-Engle (USA) and Janne Friederike Meyer-Zimmermann (DEU) 3rd CSIYH1* (7 & 8 year old horses) 2015 Hamburg (GER) ( 1.40m ); 3rd CSIYH1* (7 & 8 year old horses) 2015 Hagen (GER) ( 1.40m ); 3rd CSIYH1* 2014 Oldenburg (GER) ( 1.40m ); See more
  • 2001   Belle D' Or (BWP, bay or brown mare by Tresor)See more
    • 2011   Linarette (BWP, chestnut mare by Lamm de Fetan)See more
    • 2011   Lovely vd Heffinck (BWP, bay mare by H&M Cabrio van de Heffinck)See more
  • 2001   Botanica van de Heffinck (BWP, bay mare by Prince de Revel)See more
    • 2008   Itaka vd Heffinck (BWP, mare by Diabeau)See more
    • 2009   Jaquard vd Heffinck D'12 (BWP, bay stallion by Clearway) See more
    • 2010   King Blue van de Peerdebos (BWP, grey stallion by Mr. Blue) See more
    • 2011   Laszlo van de Peerdebos (BWP, chestnut stallion by Kalaska de Semilly) See more
    • 2013   Noble Blue van de Peerdebos (BWP, bay stallion by Plot Blue) See more
    • 2016   Quinine Van De Peerdebos (BWP, chestnut mare by Comme Il Faut)See more
  • 2001   Boris van het Kluizebos (Borg Van Het Kluizebos) (BWP, bay stallion by Heartbreaker) Approved for: BWP, SI ISJ level 1.40m with Lynn d'Have (BEL) 1st CSIOJ 2012 - Nations Cup 2012 Wierden (NED); See more
  • 2001   Butterfly van de Heffinck (BWP, bay mare by Quite Easy I)See more

2nd dam:
1992    Urte I ( Holst, bay mare by Masetto ) See more

  • -000   Electra (mare by Corrado I)See more
  • 1993   Clinton (Holst, grey stallion by Corrado I) Approved for: KWPN, Hann, Holst, Old, SF, BWP, Z, OS ISJ level 1.60m with Dirk Demeersman (BEL) 2nd CSIO5* 2006 - Grand Prix 2006 Lummen (BEL) ( 1.60m ); 2nd CSIO5* 2006 - Nations Cup 2006 Lummen (BEL) ( 1.60m ); 2nd CSIO5* 2005 - Grand Prix 2005 Aachen (GER) ( 1.60m ); 2nd CSIO5* 2005 - Nations Cup 2005 Rotterdam (NED) ( 1.60m ); 2nd CSIO5* 2004 - Nations Cup 2004 Luzern (SUI) ( 1.60m ); 2nd CSIO5* 2003 - Nations Cup 2003 Aachen (GER) ( 1.60m ); 3rd CSIO5* 2005 - Nations Cup 2005 Dublin (IRL) ( 1.60m ); 3rd CSI-W 2003 - World Cup 2003 Mechelen (BEL) ( 1.60m ); 3rd CSIO4* 2003 - Nations Cup 2003 Lummen (BEL) ( 1.60m ); 3rd CSI3* 2005 - Grand Prix 2005 Nörten-Hardenberg (GER) ( 1.50m ); 1st CSI2* 2006 - Grand Prix 2006 Beervelde (BEL) ( 1.45m ); See more
  • 1995   Chanel (Kerrin II) (Holst, bay mare by Carthago Z): see above
  • 1996   Lewinsky (Holst, grey mare by Corofino I)See more
    • 2001   Bardot van de Warande (BWP, grey mare by Orlando)See more
    • 2006   Galia (BWP, grey mare by Orlando)See more
    • 2010   Koquelicot (Koquelicot O / T Paddocks) (BWP, black brown mare by Diarado)See more
    • 2013   Nefertiti Of The Paddocks (BWP, grey mare by Helios de la Cour II)See more
    • 2014   Opium Of The Paddocks (BWP, chestnut stallion by Diamant de Semilly) See more
    • 2015   Prince Of The Paddocks (BWP, dark bay stallion by Thunder vd Zuuthoeve) See more
  • 1997   Ms Franziska (Holst, bay mare by Corrado I)See more
    • 2001   PKZ Contact van de Heffinck (Contact Vd Heffinck) (Holst, bay stallion by Concept 2) Approved for: Z, Westf ISJ level 1.60m with Freek Vestjens (NLD) and Olivier Seynhaeve (BEL) 3rd CSI3* 2014 Dortmund (GER) ( 1.55m ); See more
    • 2005   Vienna VIII (Clearvenna W) (Holst, grey mare by Clearway)See more
    • 2006   Olympia DW (Careska, Wieluna) (Holst, bay mare by Caresino)See more
    • 2007   Anduril W (Holst, bay gelding by Aragorn W) ISJ level 1.15m with Patrick Haht (DEU) and Mara Hellweg (DEU) See more
    • 2013   Nobody Vh Kluizebos (BWP, bay stallion by Aragorn W) See more
    • 2014   Ohlala Vh Kluizebos (BWP, bay mare by Jamal vd Heffinck)See more
    • 2015   Prestige Van Het Kluizebos (BWP, bay stallion by Halifax van het Kluizebos) See more
    • 2015   Papillion Vh Kluizebos (BWP, bay mare by Jamal vd Heffinck)See more
    • 2016   Quera Vh Kluizebos (BWP, dark bay mare by Tornesch)See more
    • 2016   Que Sera Vh Kluizebos (BWP, bay mare by Fuego du Prelet)See more
  • 2004   Exclusief van de Heffinck (BWP, bay stallion by Orlando) Approved for: AESSee more
  • 2006   Guadalajara vd Heffinck (BWP, bay mare by Cartier van de Heffinck)See more

3rd dam:
1977    Ohra ( Olympia 24 ) ( Holst, black brown mare by Landgraf I ) See more

  • 1992   Urte I (Holst, bay mare by Masetto): see above

4th dam:
1965    Brikscha ( Holst, mare by Raimond ) See more

  • 1977   Ohra (Olympia 24) (Holst, black brown mare by Landgraf I): see above