Performance pedigree of:

United Touch S

Breeder: Julius-Peter Sinnack, Bocholt ( Germany )  
Current name: United Touch S
Year of birth: 2012
Country of birth: Germany
Color: bay
Gender: stallion
Studbook: Westfalen
Approved for: Westf


2007   Untouched (Westf, chestnut stallion by Untouchable) Approved for: Westf Level 1.60m with Ben Maher (GBR) and Nick Skelton (GBR)
2nd CSI4* 2016 Wellington (USA) (1.60m); See more

1st dam:
2003    Touch Ofclass ( Holst, bay mare by Lux Z ) See more

  • 2006   Deauville S (Holst, dark bay gelding by Diamant de Semilly) Level 1.60m with Laura Kraut (USA) and Nick Skelton (GBR) 1st CSIO5* 2017 Sopot (POL) (1.60m); 2nd CSI4*-W 2015 Lexington (USA) (1.60m); 2nd CSI4*-W 2015 North Salem (USA) (1.60m); 1st CSI4* 2015 St. Moritz (SUI) (1.55m); 3rd CSI5* RGS 2017 Geneva (SUI) (1.55m); 3rd CSI4*-W 2015 Lexington (USA) (1.55m); 3rd CSIO5* 2015 Rome (ITA) (1.55m); 1st CSIO5* 2015 Falsterbo (SWE) (1.50m); 2nd CSI4* 2015 St. Moritz (SUI) (1.50m); 2nd CSI3* 2015 Wellington (USA) (1.50m); 2nd CSI3* 2014 Dortmund (GER) (1.50m); 3rd CSI3* 2015 Wellington (USA) (1.50m); 1st CSI3* 2015 Nörten-Hardenberg (GER) (1.45m); 1st CSI2* 2014 - Grand Prix 2014 Wiener Neustadt (AUT) (1.45m); 1st CSI2* 2014 Wiener Neustadt (AUT) (1.45m); 2nd CSI3* 2014 Dortmund (GER) (1.45m); 1st CSI2* 2014 Wiener Neustadt (AUT) (1.40m); 
  • 2007   Zypria S (Holst, dark bay mare by Canturo) Level 1.60m with Willem Greve (NLD) and Hendrik Dowe (DEU) 1st CSI2* 2017 Opglabbeek (BEL) (1.50m); 3rd CSI3* 2017 St Lô (FRA) (1.50m); 
    • 2011   Colourful S (Holst, bay gelding by Carrico) Level 1.30m with Hendrik Dowe (DEU) 1st CSIYH1* 2017 Wiener Neustadt (AUT) (1.25m); 
  • 2012   United Touch S (Westf, bay stallion by Untouched) Approved for: Westf with Hendrik Dowe (DEU)

2nd dam:
1988    Cantate Touch ( Holst, grey mare by Capitol I ) with Ben Schröder (NLD) 1st CSI-B 1998 - Grand Prix 1998 Modena (ITA) ;  See more

  • 1992   Lucky Touch (Holst, bay gelding by Locato)
  • 1998   Royal Touch (grey stallion by Lux Z) Approved for: AES
  • 2003   Touch Ofclass (Holst, bay mare by Lux Z) : see above
  • 2006   Con Touch S (Westf, bay mare by Con Cento) Level 1.55m with Julie Welles (USA) and Laura Kraut (USA) 1st CSI2* 2016 Wiener Neustadt (AUT) (1.45m); 2nd CSI2* 2017 Opglabbeek (BEL) (1.45m); 2nd CSI2* 2017 Bonheiden (BEL) (1.45m); 2nd CSI2* 2016 Wiener Neustadt (AUT) (1.45m); 3rd CSI3* 2016 Nörten-Hardenberg (GER) (1.45m); 1st CSIYH2* 2014 Dortmund (GER) (1.40m); 2nd CSI2* 2017 Opglabbeek (BEL) (1.40m); 2nd CSI2* 2015 Lier (BEL) (1.40m); 3rd CSI3* 2016 Lier (BEL) (1.40m); 3rd CSI3* 2015 Paderborn (GER) (1.40m); 
  • 2007   Untouched (Westf, chestnut stallion by Untouchable) Approved for: WestfLevel 1.60m with Ben Maher (GBR) and Nick Skelton (GBR) 2nd CSI4* 2016 Wellington (USA) (1.60m); 

3rd dam:
1984    Classic Touch (Wippe) ( Wippe ) ( Holst, bay mare by Caletto II ) Level 1.60m with Piet Raijmakers (NLD) and Ralf Schneider (DEU) 1st CSI-W 1992 - World Cup 1992 Göteborg (SWE) ( 1.60m ) ;  3rd CSI-W 1997 - World Cup 1997 Amsterdam (NED) ( 1.60m ) ;  1st CSI-A 1998 - Grand Prix 1998 Moorsele (BEL) ;  1st CSIO 1997 - Nations Cup 1997 Mechelen (BEL) ;  1st 1992 Barcelona (ESP) - individual 1992 Olympic Games (jumping) ;  1st CSI 1991 - Grand Prix 1991 London-Wembley (GBR) ;  See more

  • 1988   Cantate Touch (Holst, grey mare by Capitol I) : see above
  • 2000   A-Jewel's Touch (BWP, chestnut mare by Dominard)
    • 2003   Don't Touch Jewel's (Jewel's Don't Touch) (BWP, bay stallion by Kannan)
    • 2007   C-jewel's Classic Dream (KWPN, grey mare by Carolus H) Level 1.30m with Daisy Zijl (NLD)
    • 2008   Jewel's Diamant (Old, grey stallion by VDL Cardento) Approved for: AES
    • 2009   Jewel's Milou (Old, mare by For Pleasure)
    • 2011   L-jewel's Touch of Class (BWP, grey stallion by VDL Cardento)
    • 2011   L - Jewel's Touch of Totilas (BWP, chestnut mare by Totilas)
    • 2012   My Jewel's Magic Touch (BWP, bay stallion by Stakkato)
    • 2013   N-jewel's Athletic Touch (BWP, chestnut stallion by Breemeersen Adorado)
    • 2013   N-jewel's Adorable Touch (BWP, bay stallion by Breemeersen Adorado)
    • 2014   O-Jewel's Golden Girl (BWP, chestnut mare by Comme Il Faut)
    • 2015   P - Jewel's Pop Art (BWP, chestnut stallion by Baltic VDL)
    • 2015   P - Jewel's Papillon (BWP, chestnut stallion by Stakkato)
  • 2002   Jewel's Carat (BWP, dark bay stallion by Quasimodo vd Molendreef) Approved for: Hann, Old, BWP, Z, AES, OSLevel 1.60m with Christoph Verheyen (BEL) and Peter Leone (USA) 3rd CSI5*-W 2013 Bordeaux (FRA) (1.40m); 1st CSI1* 2016 Lier (BEL) (1.20m); 
  • 2002   C-Jewel's Cabochon (BWP, bay or brown stallion by Quasimodo vd Molendreef)
  • 2004   E-Jewel's Exclusive Touch (Jewel's Exclusive Touch) (BWP, chestnut mare by Querlybet Hero) Level 1.45m with Tim Hoster (DEU) and Marcus Ehning (DEU) 1st CSI3* 2013 - Class 7 2013 Sint-Katelijne-Waver (BEL) (1.45m); 1st CSIYH1* 2012 Leipzig (GER) (1.45m); 3rd CSI2* 2013 Mariënheem (NED) (1.45m); 2nd CSIYH1* 2012 Leipzig (GER) (1.40m); 3rd CSI2* 2013 Mariënheem (NED) (1.40m); 
    • 2008   Jewel's Chrystal (Old, chestnut stallion by Nabab de Reve) Approved for: AESLevel 1.45m with Christoph Verheyen (BEL)
    • 2010   F Jewel's Touch of Fire (KWPN, chestnut gelding by Baltic VDL) Level 1.10m with Christoph Verheyen (BEL)
    • 2015   P - Jewel's Promise (BWP, chestnut mare by Baltic VDL)
    • 2016   Q - Jewel's Touch Of Quality (BWP, chestnut stallion by Kannan)
    • 2016   Q - Jewel's Queen (BWP, bay mare by ARD VDL Douglas)
    • 2016   Q - Jewel's Touch Of Charm (BWP, stallion by Cicero Z van Paemel )

4th dam:
1980    Sevada ( Lausanne ) ( Holst, grey mare by Landgraf I ) See more

  • 1984   Classic Touch (Wippe) (Wippe) (Holst, bay mare by Caletto II) : see above
  • 1992   Quality Touch Z (Old, bay stallion by Quick Star) Approved for: SF, Z
  • 1994   Quick Touch Z (Old, black brown mare by Quick Star)