Performance pedigree of:


ISJ Level 1.35m

Breeder: S. & E.J. Wolters, Feerwerd ( Netherlands )  
Current name: Gradetty
Year of birth: 2011
Country of birth: Netherlands
Color: chestnut
Gender: mare
Studbook: KWPN
Auction: Sold at Sale of the Rising Stars in 2016 for € 50.000
Earnings since 2014-10-01: € 3,746


2007   Crespo VDL (Holst, brown stallion by Canturo) Approved for: KWPN ISJ Level 1.45m with Márton Benedek Schneider (HUN) and Kirsten Rikkert (NLD)
1st CSI1* 2016 Arnhem (NED) (1.30m); 1st CSI1* 2016 Asten (NED) (1.30m); 1st CSI1* 2016 Wierden (NED) (1.30m); See more

1st dam:
1998    Radetty ( KWPN, bay or brown mare by Silvio II ) See more

  • 2002   Vlando (AES, bay stallion by VDL Oramé) Approved for: AES
  • 2003   Wendy (KWPN, black brown mare by VDL Oramé)
    • 2006   Glasgow II van Overmere (BWP, bay or brown stallion by Shindler de Muze)
    • 2007   Hope van Overmere (BWP, bay or brown mare by Dulf van den Bisschop)
    • 2008   Idalgo van Overmere (BWP, bay stallion by Godsend du Reverdy)
  • 2004   Manhattan (Zadetty) (KWPN, grey mare by VDL Silverstone)
  • 2007   Chadetty (KWPN, black brown mare by ARD VDL Douglas) ISJ Level 1.35m with Sergi Segura Montane (ESP) and Juan Antonio de Wit (ESP)
  • 2011   Gradetty (KWPN, chestnut mare by Crespo VDL) ISJ Level 1.35m with Emma Augier de Moussac (CZE) and Frederique Lebon (NLD) 1st CSIYH1* 2017 Valkenswaard (NED) (1.30m); 1st CSIYH1* 2017 Moorsele (BEL) (1.20m); 1st CSIYH1* 2017 Lummen (BEL) (1.20m); 1st CSIYH1* 2017 Vejer de la Frontera (ESP) (1.20m); 1st CSIYH1* 2016 Vejer de la Frontera (ESP) (1.15m); 1st CSIYH1* 2016 Vejer de la Frontera (ESP) (1.10m); 

2nd dam:
1985    Dorinda ( KWPN, bay mare by Tangelo xx ) See more

  • 1989   Hendo (KWPN, chestnut stallion by Ahorn)
  • 1991   Glasgow (KWPN, chestnut gelding by Emilion) ISJ Level 1.60m with Norman Dello Joio (USA) 1st CSI5* 2006 - Grand Prix 2006 Calgary, Spruce Meadows (CAN) (1.60m); 1st CSI5* 2006 - Grand Prix 2006 Wellington (USA) (1.60m); 1st CSI5* 2005 - Grand Prix 2005 Calgary, Spruce Meadows (CAN) (1.60m); 1st CSI-W 2002 - World Cup 2002 Oslo (NOR) (1.60m); 1st CSI-W 2002 - World Cup 2002 Calgary, Spruce Meadows (CAN) (1.60m); 1st CSI-W 2000 - World Cup 2000 Wellington (USA) (1.60m); 2nd CSI-W 2002 - World Cup 2002 Wellington (USA) (1.60m); 2nd CSIO5* 2000 - Final Samsung Super League 2000 Rome (ITA) (1.60m); 3rd CSI-W 2002 - World Cup 2002 Helsinki (FIN) (1.60m); 1st CSI3* 2004 - Grand Prix 2004 Tampa (USA) (1.50m); 1st CSIO***-W 2000 - Nations Cup 2000 Washington (USA); 1st CSIO***-W 2000 - World Cup 2000 Washington (USA); 
  • 1996   Orindy (KWPN, chestnut mare by Goodwill)
    • 2005   Aquida (KWPN, chestnut mare by Quidam's Rubin)
    • 2006   Borindy (KWPN, chestnut mare by )
    • 2007   Caesar (KWPN, black brown gelding by Ukato) ISJ Level 1.50m with Markus Beerbaum (DEU) and Victoria Vargas (VEN)
    • 2009   Emilia (Erindy) (KWPN, bay mare by Ukato) ISJ Level 1.40m with David Blake (IRL)
  • 1997   Pretty (KWPN, chestnut mare by Ahorn)
    • 2003   VDL Wizard (KWPN, chestnut gelding by Gentleman) ISJ Level 1.60m with Callan Solem (USA) 2nd CSI4*-W 2016 Lexington (USA) (1.60m); 2nd CSI3* 2016 Harrisburg (USA) (1.60m); 2nd CSIO5* 2016 Rome (ITA) (1.60m); 2nd CSI4*-W 2015 Washington (USA) (1.60m); 1st CSIO4* 2015 Coapexpan (MEX) (1.50m); 2nd CSI2* 2015 Harrisburg (USA) (1.50m); 3rd CSI3*-W 2016 Ocala (USA) (1.50m); 2nd CSI4* 2017 Devon (USA) (1.45m); 
    • 2004   Zarinda (KWPN, bay mare by Gentleman)
    • 2005   Havinga's Amando (KWPN, bay gelding by Rash R) ISJ Level 1.55m with Hartwig Rohde (DEU) 2nd CSI3* 2015 Dortmund (GER) (1.50m); 2nd CSI2* 2014 Assen (NED) (1.45m); 1st CSI2* 2015 Lastrup (Klein-Roscharde) (GER) (1.40m); 1st CSI2* 2015 Schwerin (1.40m); 1st CSI2* 2014 Zuidbroek (NED) (1.40m); 2nd CSI2* 2014 Allersehl (GER) (1.40m); 3rd CSI2* 2016 Lastrup (Klein-Roscharde) (GER) (1.40m); 3rd CSI3* 2013 Drachten (NED) (1.40m); 1st CSI2* 2015 Wierden (NED) (1.35m); 
    • 2008   Dyango VDL (KWPN, chestnut gelding by Zapatero VDL) ISJ Level 1.60m with Jur Vrieling (NLD) and Suzanne Tepper (NLD) 2nd CSIO3* 2016 Odense (DEN) (1.60m); 3rd CSI3* 2017 Arezzo (ITA) (1.45m); 
    • 2009   Elmar (KWPN, bay gelding by VDL Corland) ISJ Level 1.30m with Natale Peano (ITA)
  • 1998   Radetty (KWPN, bay or brown mare by Silvio II) : see above
  • 2003   Wierinda (KWPN, black brown mare by Emilion)
    • 2009   Ewings (KWPN, black gelding by Lexicon) ISJ Level 1.35m with Alexander Klafterböck (DEU) and Uli Hacker (DEU)
    • 2010   Fly High (KWPN, bay stallion by Lexicon) ISJ Level 1.40m with Cyril Cools (BEL) and Gavin Harley (IRL) 1st CSIYH1* 2017 Oliva-Valencia (ESP) (1.35m); 1st CSIYH1* 2015 Oliva-Valencia (ESP) (1.20m); 

3rd dam:
1974    Patty ( KWPN, black brown mare by Jasper ) See more

  • 1985   Dorinda (KWPN, bay mare by Tangelo xx) : see above
  • 1987   Flando (KWPN, bay stallion by Ahorn)
  • 1987   Flando (KWPN, bay gelding by Ahorn)
  • 1988   Getty (KWPN, bay mare by Ahorn)
    • 1993   Loretty (Eurocommerce Capri) (KWPN, dark bay mare by Emilion) dam of Auxerre ( KWPN, 2005, bay gelding by Vancouver ) ISJ Level 1.45m
      dam of Candy ( KWPN, 2007, bay stallion by Alberto II ) ISJ Level 1.30m
      dam of Faran ( KWPN, 2010, dark bay gelding by VDL Groep Zagreb ) ISJ Level 1.35m
    • 1994   Maddock (KWPN, bay gelding by Indoctro) ISJ Level 1.60m with Jesus Garmendia Echevarria (ESP) and Tim Hoster (DEU) 2nd CSIO4* 2003 - Nations Cup 2003 Gijon (ESP) (1.60m); 1st CSI3* 2007 - Grand Prix 2007 Vejer de la Frontera (ESP) (1.50m); 3rd CSI3* 2006 - Grand Prix 2006 Pontedera (ITA) (1.50m); 
    • 1999   Saldo (KWPN, chestnut mare by Marlon) ISJ Level 1.20m with Cleo Laenen (BEL)
    • 2004   Zelly (KWPN, bay mare by Indoctro) dam of Felton VDL ( KWPN, 2010, bay stallion by Chello III VDL ) Approved for: KWPN
    • 2005   Agetty (KWPN, bay mare by Indoctro) dam of Flandorado ( KWPN, 2010, bay gelding by Indorado ) ISJ Level 1.35m
    • 2006   Havinga's Balando (KWPN, dark chestnut gelding by Indoctro) ISJ Level 1.50m with Hartwig Rohde (DEU) 2nd CSI2* 2015 Lastrup (Klein-Roscharde) (GER) (1.50m); 1st CSI2* 2016 Zuidbroek (NED) (1.35m); 
  • 1991   Jaretty (KWPN, black brown mare by Rex Magna xx)
    • 1997   Patty (KWPN, chestnut mare by Ahorn) dam of Esmeralda 124 ( Esmeralda van de Zeelandsedijk )  ( KWPN, 2009, grey mare by Cicero Z van Paemel ) ISJ Level 1.30m
    • 2001   Ujaretty (KWPN, black brown mare by Matterhorn) dam of Ajuretty ( KWPN, 2005, bay mare by VDL Montreal ) ISJ Level 1.35m
      dam of Floortje ( KWPN, 2010, bay mare by Zapatero VDL ) ISJ Level 1.25m
  • 1995   Nicky (KWPN, black brown mare by Jorn)
    • 1999   Speedy (KWPN, grey mare by VDL Corland) dam of Anicky ( KWPN, 2005, grey mare by Indorado ) ISJ Level 1.35m
    • 2005   Aberlin (KWPN, grey gelding by Berlin) ISJ Level 1.40m with Aline Bergomi (CHE) and Julian Kraay (NLD)
    • 2006   Suarez (Bravour) (KWPN, bay gelding by Berlin) ISJ Level 1.55m with Niels Knape (NLD) and Patrick Lemmen (NLD) 1st CSI2* 2016 Roosendaal (NED) (1.45m); 2nd CSI2* 2017 Kronenberg (NED) (1.45m); 3rd CSI2* 2016 Valkenswaard (NED) (1.45m); 
    • 2014   Cairoli Z (Z, black brown stallion by Centurio 22)

4th dam:
1965    Wolga D ( NWP, mare by Cobalt ) See more

  • 1974   Patty (KWPN, black brown mare by Jasper) : see above