Performance pedigree of:

Quattro Loma SB

ISJ Level 1.40m

Current name: Quattro Loma SB
Year of birth: 2010
Color: bay
Gender: stallion
Studbook: NRPS
Earnings since 2014-10-01: € 280


2005   Quidam B Z (Z, bay stallion by Quasimodo Z)ISJ Level 1.60m with Richard Howley (IRL) and Douglas Duffin (GBR)
3rd CSIO3* 2016 Drammen (NOR) (1.55m); 3rd CSIO3* 2016 Drammen (NOR) (1.50m); 3rd CSI2* 2015 Balmoral (IRL) (1.50m); 2nd CSI2* 2017 Beaumont Hague (FRA) (1.45m); 2nd CSI2* 2014 - Grand Prix 2014 Balmoral (IRL) (1.45m); 3rd CSI2* 2017 Chepstow (GBR) (1.40m); See more

1st dam:
2001    Bessemeind's Caloma II Z ( Z, bay mare by Carthago Z ) ISJ Level 1.60m with Morten Alexander Djupvik (NOR) See more

  • 2010   Quattro Loma SB (NRPS, bay stallion by Quidam B Z) ISJ Level 1.40m with Thibault Destrebecq (FRA) and Cameron Hanley (IRL) 1st CSIYH1* 2017 Oliva-Valencia (ESP) (1.35m); 
  • 2013   Amadeo van't Vossenhof Z (Z, bay stallion by Asca Z) Approved for: Z
  • 2014   Agram Van't Vossenhof Z (Z, dark chestnut stallion by Asca Z)
  • 2015   Iba Van't Vossenhof Z (Z, dark brown mare by I'm Special de Muze)

2nd dam:
1990    Itoloma ( KWPN, bay mare by Libero H ) See more

  • 1994   Mr Cartano (KWPN, light bay stallion by Capitol I) Approved for: CDE
  • 1995   Caloma Z (Bessemeind's Caloma Z) (Z, bay mare by Carthago Z) ISJ Level 1.60m with Morten Alexander Djupvik (NOR)
    • 1999   Quasimodo Z (Bessemeind's Quasimodo Z) (Z, dark brown stallion by Quidam de Revel) Approved for: KWPN, NRPS, AESISJ Level 1.60m with Morten Alexander Djupvik (NOR) 2nd CSIO5* 2009 - Nations Cup 2009 Gijon (ESP) (1.60m); 
    • 2011   Genetic-Loma I SB (KWPN, dark brown mare by Con Polydor)
    • 2011   Genetic-Loma II SB (KWPN, chestnut mare by Con Polydor) ISJ Level 1.25m with Morten Alexander Djupvik (NOR) 1st CSIYH1* 2017 Drammen (NOR) (1.20m); 
    • 2013   Affir Ck Z (Z, bay mare by Action-Breaker)
    • 2014   Costa Rica Ck Z (Z, bay mare by Chaman)
    • 2016   Red Sky Ck Z (Z, black brown stallion by Red Star M)
    • 2018   Embryo (Asca Z x Carthago) ( by Asca Z)
  • 2001   Bessemeind's Caloma II Z (Z, bay mare by Carthago Z) : see above
  • 2004   Zindiloma (KWPN, dark bay stallion by Gem of India) Approved for: AESISJ Level 1.55m with Sean Jobin (CAN) 3rd CSI2* 2017 Rockwood (CAN) (1.45m); 
  • 2005   Asterix Di Loma SB (KWPN, grey gelding by Indorado) ISJ Level 1.50m with Sanne Sofie Hansen (NOR)
  • 2006   Charatelle Sb Z (Z, mare by Chuck Z)
  • 2013   Eloma Vd Tojopehoeve Z (Z, bay mare by Everglade Vdl)
  • 2013   Eduwart Vd Tojopehoeve Z (Z, bay stallion by Everglade Vdl)
  • 2014   Guiseppe vd Tojopehoeve Z (Z, dark brown stallion by VDL Glasgow vh Merelsnest) Approved for: AES

3rd dam:
1985    Detoloma ( KWPN, bay mare by Ramiro Z ) See more

  • 1989   Humble (KWPN, bay stallion by Notaris)
  • 1990   Itoloma (KWPN, bay mare by Libero H) : see above
  • 1991   J.Liberato (Liberato I) (KWPN, bay stallion by Libero H) Approved for: ZISJ Level 1.50m with Rodrigo Lerena (ARG)
  • 1993   Liberato II Z (KWPN, stallion by Libero H) Approved for: Z

4th dam:
1977    Toloma ( KWPN, dark bay mare by Lucky Boy xx ) See more

  • 1985   Detoloma (KWPN, bay mare by Ramiro Z) : see above
  • 1987   Froloma (KWPN, bay mare by Zeus)
    • 1992   Ramborack R (Kentucky) (KWPN, bay gelding by Ramiro Z) ISJ Level 1.45m with Thomas Batliner (LIE)
    • 1994   Moloma (KWPN, bay mare by Burggraaf)
    • 1995   Noloma (KWPN, light chestnut mare by Burggraaf) dam of Very Easy-S ( KWPN, 2002, bay gelding by Quite Easy I ) ISJ Level 1.45m
    • 1996   Orloma (KWPN, bay mare by Hinault)
  • 1990   Itoloma (KWPN, bay mare by Dreamstreet)
    • 1996   Oloma (KWPN, bay mare by Ahorn) dam of Franklin Loma ZW ( KWPN, 2010, stallion by Jodokus ) Approved for: ISR-OLD NA
    • 1997   Palysander Vdl (light bay stallion by Indoctro) Approved for: AES
    • 2001   Citoloma Z (Z, bay mare by Caretano Z) dam of Citoloma II ( KWPN, 2007, dark bay mare by Tygo ) ISJ Level 1.20m
    • 2007   Colandrino (KWPN, bay stallion by Colandro)
    • 2013   Bello Balisto Mvh Z (Z, bay gelding by Balisto Z)
    • 2015   Bella Balisto Mvh Z (Z, bay mare by Balisto Z)
    • 2016   Beach Boy Mvh Z (Z, bay stallion by Balisto Z)
  • 1995   Natoloma (KWPN, grey mare by Indorado)
    • 2001   Urloma (KWPN, grey mare by Boeve's Montreux) dam of Beau Quidam ( 2006, bay stallion by Quidam de Revel ) Approved for: AES
      dam of Cappuchino ( KWPN, 2007, bay stallion by Heartbreaker ) ISJ Level 1.45m
      dam of Edmenton ( KWPN, 2009, black brown stallion by Colman ) ISJ Level 1.30m
      dam of Henderson ( KWPN, 2012, dark bay stallion by Tygo ) ISJ Level 1.20m
    • 2005   Annaloma (Atoloma) (Atoloma) (KWPN, dark bay mare by Tygo) ISJ Level 1.45m with Amir Hossein Habibi (IRN) dam of Elloma ( KWPN, 2009, bay mare by Indoctro ) ISJ Level 1.45m
      dam of Fellow ( KWPN, 2010, bay gelding by Indoctro ) ISJ Level 1.35m
  • 1997   Poloma (KWPN, bay mare by Burggraaf)
    • 2002   Sarah (Viloma) (KWPN, chestnut mare by Kannan) ISJ Level 1.45m with Diaa Amr Beshir (EGY)
    • 2003   Wiloma III (KWPN, bay mare by Goodtimes)