Performance pedigree of:

HH Radco

ISJ Level 1.45m

Breeder: Xavier Van Melckenbeke , Halle ( Belgium )  
Current name: HH Radco
Former name: Radco d'Houtveld
Year of birth: 2001
Country of birth: Belgium
Color: bay
Gender: Stallion
Studbook: sBs
Approved for: BWP


1980   Darco (BWP, brown stallion by Lugano van la Roche) Approved for: KWPN, Holst, Old, SF, BWP, sBs, NRPS, SI, Westf ISJ level 1.60m with Ludo Philippaerts (BEL)
See more

1st dam:
1994    L'Atome ( Rhein, bay mare by Larome ) See more

  • 1998   Oriflamme d'Houtveld (sBs, bay gelding by Darco) ISJ level 1.50m with Sebastian Adams (DEU) See more
  • 2000   Qatmandou d'Houtveld (sBs, bay mare by Skippy II)See more
    • 2004   Utopie D' Houtveld (sBs, bay mare by Cavalier Royale)See more
    • 2005   Verite d'Houtveld (sBs, bay mare by Darco) ISJ level 1.40m with Gregory Cottard (FRA) 1st CSI2* 2015 Le Mans (FRA) ( 1.35m ); 1st CSI1* 2016 Courlans (FRA) ( 1.25m ); See more
    • 2008   Colombe D'houtveld (sBs, bay mare by HH Radco)See more
    • 2009   Flach D' Houtveld Z (Z, bay stallion by Figaro du Ri d'Asse) See more
  • 2001   HH Radco (Radco d'Houtveld) (sBs, bay stallion by Darco) Approved for: BWP ISJ level 1.45m with Peter Wylde (USA) and Kevin Staut (FRA) See more
  • 2004   Univers d'Houtveld (sBs, chestnut gelding by Carthago Z) ISJ level 1.30m with Amandine Poli (FRA) and Frederic Bouvard (FRA) See more
  • 2004   Une Ile d'Houtveld (sBs, bay mare by Darco)See more
    • -000   J ... D'houtveld (sBs, mare by Numero Uno)See more
    • 2007   Boetia Hero (sBs, bay mare by Andiamo Z) ISJ level 1.45m with Gilles Willemann (FRA) See more
    • 2007   Brahman D'houtveld (E.t.) (sBs, bay stallion by Lord Z) See more
    • 2007   Birdy D'houtveld (E.t.) (sBs, bay mare by Lord Z)See more
    • 2008   Capucine d'Houtveld E.T. (sBs, bay mare by Lord Z) ISJ level 1.25m with Penelope Mauroy (BEL) See more
    • 2008   Cranac D'houtveld (E.t.) (sBs, dark bay stallion by Lord Z) See more
    • 2009   D'une Ile D'houtveld (E.t.) (sBs, black stallion by Indoctro) See more
    • 2009   Daverdi D'houtveld (E.t.) (sBs, bay stallion by VDL Groep Verdi TN N.O.P.) See more
    • 2010   Elise D'houtveld (sBs, bay mare by Numero Uno)See more
    • 2010   Emagine D'houtveld (sBs, bay stallion by Numero Uno) See more
    • 2012   Flamingo D'houtveld Z (Z, bay stallion by Flamenco de Semilly) See more
  • 2005   Vanite D'Houtveld (sBs, bay mare by Darco) ISJ level 1.20m with Matteo Van der Westhuizen (MCO) and Nicolo van der Westhuizen (MCO) See more
    • 2009   Flore D' Houtveld Z (Z, dark brown mare by Figaro du Ri d'Asse)See more
    • 2010   Flaneur D'houtveld Z (Z, chestnut gelding by Figaro du Ri d'Asse) ISJ level 1.30m with Giorgio Bianchi (ITA) See more
    • 2014   Pearl Giguellerie Z (Z, dark brown mare by Peppermill)See more

2nd dam:
1988    Lori ( BWP, bay mare by Guignolet ) See more

  • 1994   L'Atome (Rhein, bay mare by Larome): see above
  • 1996   Toja (BWP, bay or brown mare by Donnerschlag)See more
    • 2004   Enzo (BWP, bay stallion by Wandor van de Mispelaere) See more
    • 2005   Falco van Butswerve (BWP, bay stallion by Wandor van de Mispelaere) See more
    • 2008   Iris (BWP, bay or brown mare by Equistro)See more
    • 2009   Joeri (BWP, bay or brown stallion by Equistro) See more
    • 2010   Karlo (BWP, bay stallion by Bisquet Balou C) See more

3rd dam:
1982    Fidji ( BWP, bay mare by Ascete xx ) See more

  • 1986   Jessy (BWP, bay mare by Val de Lauzelle)See more
    • 1991   Only One of Ruby Lodge (BWP, bay stallion by Avontuur) See more
  • 1988   Lori (BWP, bay mare by Guignolet): see above
  • 1990   Nicky (BWP, bay stallion by Guignolet) See more

4th dam:
unknown ( mare by ) See more

  • 1982   Fidji (BWP, bay mare by Ascete xx): see above