Performance pedigree of:

Can Ya Makan

Level 1.60m

Current name: Can Ya Makan
Former name: Cantianos
Year of birth: 2006
Country of birth: Belgium
Color: bay
Gender: stallion
Studbook: Holstein
Earnings since 2014-10-01: € 106,107
Approved for: Holst


1995   Canturo (Holst, bay stallion by Cantus) Approved for: Hann, Holst, SF, sBs, OS Level 1.60m with Bernardo Alves (BRA)
1st CSI-W 2005 - World Cup 2005 Calgary, Spruce Meadows (CAN) (1.60m); 1st CSI4* 2005 - Grand Prix 2005 Madrid (ESP) (1.60m); 1st CSI5* 2004 - Grand Prix 2004 Calgary, Spruce Meadows (CAN) (1.60m); 2nd CSIO5* 2006 - Grand Prix 2006 Rotterdam (NED) (1.60m); 2nd CSI4* 2005 - Grand Prix 2005 Hamburg (GER) (1.60m); 2nd CSI-W 2004 - World Cup 2004 Vigo (ESP) (1.60m); 2nd CSI3* 2006 - Grand Prix 2006 Wiesbaden (GER) (1.50m); See more

1st dam:
1986    Aroma ( Holst, chestnut mare by Fier de Lui Z ) See more

  • 1991   Fenna III (Holst, mare by Contender)
    • 1995   Konunga Hill (Holst, chestnut gelding by Kilian) Level 1.50m with Fabrizio Ambrosetti (ITA)
    • 1997   Boegelys Limitt (Holst, bay mare by Lavall I) dam of Boegelys Latina Dwb ( DWB, 2010, bay mare by Crelido ) Level 1.30m
    • 2001   Renna (Holst, dark bay mare by Quinar) dam of Condor 561 ( Holst, 2005, bay gelding by Cassini I ) Level 1.60m
    • 2002   Scala I (Holst, dark bay mare by Caretino) dam of Easton Scala G ( KWPN, 2009, bay stallion by Quasimodo Z ) Level 1.35m
    • 2004   Udenna (Holst, bay mare by Quinar) dam of Cashew CR ( Holst, 2008, bay gelding by Cassini II ) Level 1.50m
    • 2006   Carlow (Holst, bay stallion by Caretino) Level 1.45m with Åge Dagfinn Eide Askeland (NOR) and Andreas Jensen (NOR)
  • 2005    B Fausto van Overis (BWP, bay stallion by Casall ASK)
  • 2006    B Can Ya Makan (Cantianos) (Holst, bay stallion by Canturo) Approved for: HolstLevel 1.60m with Shane Breen (IRL) and Michael Pender (IRL) 2nd CSIO3* 2015 Lisbon (POR) (1.50m); 3rd CSIO5* 2017 Dublin (IRL) (1.50m); 1st CSI4* 2018 Abu Dhabi (UAE) (1.45m); 1st CSI2* 2015 Mijas (ESP) (1.45m); 2nd CSI2* 2017 Lisbon (POR) (1.45m); 2nd CSI3* 2016 Sharjah (UAE) (1.45m); 3rd CSIO5* 2017 Dublin (IRL) (1.45m); 3rd CSI3*-W 2017 Abu Dhabi (UAE) (1.45m); 3rd CSI3*-W 2015 El Jadida (MAR) (1.45m); 3rd CSI3* 2015 Vichy (FRA) (1.45m); 1st CSI2* 2015 Dinard (FRA) (1.40m); 2nd CSI4*-W 2018 Abu Dhabi (UAE) (1.40m); 3rd CSI1* 2017 Barcelos (POR) (1.40m); 3rd CSI2* 2016 Mijas (ESP) (1.40m); 3rd CSI1* 2015 Alfeizerão (POR) (1.40m); 1st CSI1* 2015 Golegã (POR) (1.35m); 1st CSI3* 2017 Birmingham (GBR); 
  • 2007    B Hickstead van Overis (BWP, bay mare by Darco) Level 1.40m with Siebe Kramer (NLD) 1st CSI3* 2016 Lier (BEL) (1.40m); 1st CSI2* 2016 Moorsele (BEL) (1.30m); 1st CSI2* 2016 Lier (BEL) (1.30m); 
  • 2008    B Dyon Van Overis Z (Z, sorrel stallion by Darco) Level 1.35m with Jens Vandenberk (BEL) and Maarten Driessen (BEL)
  • 2010    B Capri Van Overis Z (Z, bay stallion by Canturo) Level 1.30m with Jack O'Donohue (IRL) and Tommy Kennedy (IRL) 1st CSIYH1* 2016 Vejer de la Frontera (ESP) (1.25m); 1st CSIYH1* 2016 Vejer de la Frontera (ESP) (1.20m); 

2nd dam:
1966    Cesta ( Holst, bay mare by Sorgenbrecher xx ) See more

  • 1974   Larese (Holst, bay mare by Farnese)
    • 1978   Chin Chin (Holst, bay stallion by Constant) Approved for: KWPN, Holst, SF, BWP, AESLevel 1.60m with Jaime Azcarraga (MEX)
    • 1981   Tirana (Holst, mare by Calypso I)
    • 1983   Varese (Holst, bay mare by Coriolan) dam of Lordano 7 ( Holst, 1992, bay stallion by Lord ) Approved for: Holst Level 1.60m
    • 1985   Zarese (Holst, bay mare by Rebel Z I)
    • 1988   Cheers (Holst, black brown stallion by Constant)
    • 1989   D-Chinchinett (Holst, bay mare by Constant) dam of Lord Chin ( Holst, 1993, bay stallion by Lord ) Approved for: Bay Level 1.50m
  • 1975   Marisa (Holst, bay mare by Farnese)
    • 1989   Linea (Rhein, bay mare by Landfrieden)
    • 1996   Leona III (Holst, bay mare by Carpaccio) dam of Calistro ( Holst, 2003, bay or brown stallion by Chello I ) Level 1.35m
  • 1986   Aroma (Holst, chestnut mare by Fier de Lui Z) : see above
  • 1988   Cayenne (Holst, chestnut mare by Constant)
    • 1992   Galante (Holst, bay mare by Contender)
    • 1994   Jolie Amie (Holst, bay mare by Contender) Level 1.60m with Dirk Schröder (DEU)
    • 1998   Nesta I (Caya ) (Caya ) (Holst, bay mare by Contender) dam of Cortender ( Chiron VDL )  ( Holst, 2004, bay gelding by VDL Corland ) Level 1.50m
      dam of Quite Chin Chin Z ( Z, 2004, black brown gelding by Quidam de Revel ) Level 1.60m
    • 2001   Aconto (Holst, brown stallion by Acord II) Approved for: Hes, AES

3rd dam:
1948    Gangsterin ( Holst, bay mare by Markgraf ) See more

  • 1966   Cesta (Holst, bay mare by Sorgenbrecher xx) : see above
  • 1967   Dinant (Holst, bay mare by Akkord)
    • 1983   Vinant (Holst, bay mare by Leonardo I)
    • 1984   Let's Go (Holst, bay stallion by Leonardo I)
    • 1985   Zerline (Holst, bay mare by Landgraf I) dam of Junior Mariner ( Holst, 2000, bay stallion by Julio Mariner xx ) Approved for: Old, OS, SaThü
      dam of Baline Z ( Z, 2003, bay mare by Balou du Rouet ) Level 1.35m
    • 1989   Dinant II (Holst, dark bay mare by Lancer I) dam of Contender ( Holst, 1993, bay gelding by Contender ) Level 1.60m
      dam of Contino 5 ( Holst, 1994, bay gelding by Contender ) Level 1.45m
      dam of Cordobes I ( Holst, 1995, bay stallion by Contender ) Approved for: Rhein, Westf
      dam of Cordobes II ( Holst, 1996, bay stallion by Contender ) Approved for: Westf
      dam of Coronelli 2 ( Holst, 2002, bay gelding by Coronado ) Level 1.45m
      dam of Contino ( KWPN, 2007, bay mare by Indoctro ) Level 1.15m

4th dam:
1944    Concourencia ( Holst, light bay mare by ) See more

  • 1948   Gangsterin (Holst, bay mare by Markgraf) : see above