Performance pedigree of:

Cum Laude Z

Level 1.60m

Current name: Cum Laude Z
Year of birth: 1999
Country of birth: Belgium
Color: bay
Gender: stallion
Studbook: Zangersheide
Approved for: BWP, Z


1987   Carthago Z (Holst, grey stallion by Capitol I) Approved for: Holst, Rhein, SF, SI, Z Level 1.60m with Jos Lansink (BEL)
1st CSIO**** 2000 - Nations Cup 2000 La Baule (FRA); 1st CSI-A 1998 - Grand Prix 1998 Frankfurt (GER); 1st CSIO 1998 - Nations Cup 1998 Rotterdam (NED); 1st CSIO 1998 - Grand Prix 1998 La Baule (FRA); 1st CSIO 1997 - Nations Cup 1997 Aachen (GER); 1st CSIO 1996 - Grand Prix 1996 Luxembourg (LUX); 1st CSIO 1996 - Nations Cup 1996 Luxembourg (LUX); See more

1st dam:
1979    Losandra ( Holst, bay mare by Lord ) See more

  • 1983   Glorca vh Schuttershof (BWP, bay mare by Carneval)
    • 1989   Milady (BWP, bay mare by Pachat II)
    • 1990   Nonstop (BWP, bay stallion by Darco) Approved for: Holst, SF, BWPLevel 1.60m with Toni Hassmann (DEU) and Nelson Pessoa (BRA) 3rd CSIO 2000 - Derby 2000 Lummen (BEL) (1.60m); 
    • 1991   Olympus (BWP, bay stallion by Pachat II)
    • 1992   Pompidou (BWP, bay stallion by Latano I)
    • 1993   Quintus (BWP, bay stallion by Calypso III)
    • 1996   Tempus van Orti (BWP, bay gelding by Calypso III) Level 1.45m with Johan Demolder (BEL)
    • 2000   Avanti van Orti (BWP, bay stallion by Nabab de Reve)
    • 2001   Beau Reve van Orti (BWP, bay mare by Quidam de Revel) dam of Jamal van Orti ( BWP, 2009, bay or brown gelding by Toulon ) Level 1.25m
      dam of Livius van Orti ( BWP, 2011, grey gelding by Mylord Carthago ) Level 1.35m
    • 2003   Dolores van Orti (BWP, bay or brown mare by Heartbreaker) dam of Hyperion van Orti ( BWP, 2007, bay stallion by Dawson van de Padenborre ) Level 1.40m
  • 1984   Hyperion vh Schuttershof (BWP, bay stallion by Carneval)
  • 1987   Kardo v/h Rampelhof (BWP, bay or brown stallion by Fabio I)
  • 1988   Lord v/h Rampelhof (BWP, bay stallion by Fabio I)
  • 1989   Maia v/h Rampelhof (BWP, bay mare by Bonheur)
    • 2001   Baladine van de Pitsemburg (BWP, bay mare by Heureka de la Loge)
    • 2002   Celatin van de Pitsemburg (BWP, bay stallion by Obourg)
    • 2004   Elias van de Pitsemburg (Topaz) (BWP, bay stallion by Jockey Club Tresor)
    • 2005   Fair-play van de Pitsemburg (BWP, stallion by Obourg)
    • 2006   Gulliver van de Pitsemburg (BWP, bay stallion by Muscaris d'Ariel) Level 1.50m with Alberto Carrara (ITA) and Giacomo Casadei (ITA)
  • 1990   Naughty Boy v/h Rampelhof (BWP, bay or brown stallion by Latano I)
  • 1991   Orinicht vh Rampelhof (BWP, grey gelding by Latano I)
  • 1993   Roxet Vh Rampelhof Z (Roxet V/h Rampelhof Z) (Z, bay mare by Ramiro Z)
    • 1996   Sarox Z (Z, bay stallion by Sandro Z)
    • 1998   Zaysan Z (Z, bay mare by Zeus) dam of Hamlet di Cantero ( BWP, 2007, grey gelding by Castelino van de Helle ) Level 1.30m
  • 1994   Quiko Vh Rampelhof Z (Z, bay stallion by Quito de Baussy)
  • 1997   Uwe van Orti (BWP, bay stallion by Concorde)
  • 1998   Vroni van Orti (BWP, bay mare by Cash)
    • 2002   Couscous van Orti (BWP, bay stallion by Nabab de Reve) Level 1.60m with Samuel Parot (CHL) and Samuel Parot Jr. (CHL) 1st CSI5* 2016 Tryon (USA) (1.50m); 1st CSI5* 2015 Calgary, Spruce Meadows (CAN) (1.50m); 2nd CSI2* 2016 Williamsburg (USA) (1.50m); 2nd CSI4* 2016 Tryon (USA) (1.50m); 2nd CSI3* 2015 Rockwood (CAN) (1.50m); 2nd CSI3* 2015 Lanaken (BEL) (1.50m); 3rd CSIO5* 2015 Calgary, Spruce Meadows (CAN) (1.50m); 3rd CSI5* 2015 Basel (SUI) (1.50m); 1st CSI5* 2017 Wellington (USA) (1.45m); 1st CSI3* 2016 Williamsburg (USA) (1.45m); 1st CSI3*-W 2015 Calgary, Stampede Park (CAN) (1.45m); 1st CSI2* 2015 Calgary, Stampede Park (CAN) (1.45m); 1st CSI3* 2015 Rockwood (CAN) (1.45m); 1st CSI2* - 2014 1e 2014 Lier (BEL) (1.45m); 1st CSI2* 2013 - Grand Prix 2013 Genk (BEL) (1.45m); 2nd CSI5* 2017 Wellington (USA) (1.45m); 2nd CSI4* 2016 Tryon (USA) (1.45m); 2nd CSI3* 2016 Tryon (USA) (1.45m); 2nd CSI3*-W 2015 Sacramento, Rancho Murieta (USA) (1.45m); 2nd CSI2* 1e 2014 2014 Opglabbeek (BEL) (1.45m); 3rd CSI5* 2016 Wellington (USA) (1.45m); 1st CSI2* 2017 Tryon (USA) (1.40m); 1st CSI3* 2017 Wellington (USA) (1.40m); 1st CSI5* 2015 's Hertogenbosch (NED) (1.40m); 1st CSI4*-W 2016 Las Vegas (USA) (1.35m); 
    • 2006    B Gracieuse van het Poeleind (BWP, bay mare by Poor Boy) dam of Oak Grove's New York ( Krios van het Poeleind )  B ( BWP, 2010, chestnut stallion by Nabab de Reve ) Approved for: AES Level 1.45m
    • 2007    B Homerus van het Poeleind (BWP, bay stallion by Darco) Approved for: SAWHSLevel 1.60m with Leona van der Merwe (ZAF)
    • 2008    B Indira van het Poeleind (BWP, chestnut mare by Nabab de Reve)
    • 2010    B Kronos van het Poeleind (BWP, bay stallion by Darco) Approved for: SAWHS
    • 2013    B Naila van het Poeleind (BWP, bay mare by Edjaz van 't Merelsnest)
    • 2014    B Oksana van het Poeleind (BWP, bay mare by Nabab de Reve)
    • 2017    B Danira van het Poeleind Z (Z, chestnut mare by Diamant de Semilly)
  • 1999   Cum Laude Z (Z, bay stallion by Carthago Z) Approved for: BWP, ZLevel 1.60m with Yuka Watanabe (JPN)
  • 2001   Bianca van het Scheefkasteel (BWP, bay mare by Cappucino van Berkenbroek)
    • 2004   Erico van het Scheefkasteel (BWP, bay stallion by Darco)
    • 2005   Frits van het Scheefkasteel (BWP, chestnut stallion by Darco)
    • 2007   Houston van het Scheefkasteel (BWP, bay gelding by Darco) Level 1.25m with Gert-Jan Hubrechts (BEL)
    • 2008   Devil Vh Scheefkasteel Z (Et) (Z, chestnut stallion by Darco)

2nd dam:
1974    Leila ( Holst, bay mare by Wahnfried ) See more

  • 1979   Losandra (Holst, bay mare by Lord) : see above
  • 1992   Giullietta (Holst, mare by Athlet Z)
    • 1998   Busti Husti (Holst, bay gelding by Barnaul xx) IEV 3* with Gonzalo Senra Chover (ESP) and Bernd Backhaus (DEU)
    • 2002   Cassina 39 (Casina) (Holst, dappled grey mare by Cassini I) Level 1.50m with Paige Beal-Andros (USA) and Mike Van Olst (BEL) dam of Cassinja S ( Zweibr, 2006, bay mare by Carinjo HDC ) Level 1.60m
    • 2003   Tosca (Holst, bay mare by Cassini I) dam of Aivazovskiy ( Holst, 2007, bay stallion by Artani 2 ) Level 1.40m
    • 2004   Casilla (U-Chloe) (Holst, grey mare by Cassini I) Level 1.45m with Giacomo Bassi (ITA)
    • 2011   Gehazia VDL (KWPN, gelding by For Fashion) Level 1.20m with Jose Fumero Hernandez (ESP) 1st CSIYH1* 2017 Vejer de la Frontera (ESP) (1.15m); 1st CSIYH1* 2016 Oliva-Valencia (ESP) (1.15m); 
  • 1994   Ila II (Holst, mare by Acord II)
    • 2005   Bakela (OS, dark bay mare by Balou du Rouet) Level 1.40m with Ophelie Richard Sanchez (MEX)
    • 2007   Carl Blue (OS, bay gelding by Chacco-Blue) Level 1.50m with Thomas Eikenkötter (DEU) and Michael Wittschier (DEU) 2nd CSI1* 2016 Oliva-Valencia (ESP) (1.40m); 1st CSIYH1* 2014 Wiener Neustadt (AUT) (1.35m); 1st CSIYH1* 2014 Wiener Neustadt (AUT) (1.30m); 
    • 2009   Baccord (OS, bay stallion by Balou du Rouet) Approved for: OSLevel 1.50m with Gerrit Nieberg (DEU) and Lars Nieberg (DEU) 1st CSIYH1* 2016 Oldenburg (GER) (1.40m); 1st CSIYH1* 2016 Cagnes-sur-Mer (FRA) (1.25m); 1st CSIYH1* 2014 Arezzo (ITA) (1.15m); 1st CSIYH1* 2016 Cagnes-sur-Mer (FRA) (1.05m); 

3rd dam:
1951    Katrin ( Holst, bay mare by Meistergrad ) See more

  • 1967   Duna (Holst, bay mare by Aldato)
    • 1972   Santiago 31 (Holst, bay gelding by Sable Skinflint xx) IEV 4* with Helmut Rethemeier (DEU)
  • 1969   Fivitas Dei (Holst, chestnut mare by Sable Skinflint xx)
    • 1979   Rominta (Holst, mare by Flamingo)
    • 1980   Santiaga (Holst, mare by Flamingo)
    • 1981   Trinidad (Holst, mare by Flamingo)
    • 1986   Charmeur (Holst, chestnut stallion by Cicero) Approved for: DWB
    • 1990   Elina VII (Holst, mare by Alcatraz) dam of Apanatschi 90 ( Holst, 2005, chestnut mare by Casall ASK ) Level 1.40m
      dam of Cröte J ( Holst, 2010, chestnut mare by Quirado ) Level 1.35m
  • 1970   Stanley (Holst, stallion by Sable Skinflint xx) Approved for: Holst
  • 1974   Leila (Holst, bay mare by Wahnfried) : see above

4th dam:
Möwe ( Holst, mare by Mahdi I ) See more

  • 1951   Katrin (Holst, bay mare by Meistergrad) : see above