Performance pedigree of:

Jet Run

ISJ Level 1.45m

Current name: Jet Run
Former name: Cendiamo
Year of birth: 2007
Color: bay
Gender: gelding
Studbook: Oldenburger Springpferd
Earnings since 2014-10-01: € 640


2002   Centadel (OS, bay stallion by Cento) Approved for: Old, OS, BA ISJ Level 1.50m with Bastian Freese (DEU)
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1st dam:
2001    Alassia ( OS, bay mare by Andiamo Z ) See more

  • 2007    B Jet Run (Cendiamo) (OS, bay gelding by Centadel) ISJ Level 1.45m with Armando Trapote (ESP) and Mathis Schwentker (DEU) 2nd CSIYH1* 2015 Neustadt Dosse (GER) (1.40m); 
  • 2007    B Cendiamo (OS, bay gelding by Centadel) ISJ Level 1.50m with Cecilie Hatteland (NOR) and Antonio Garcia Diana (ESP)

2nd dam:
1996    Wonnige ( Holst, mare by Contender ) See more

  • -000   Hippica Andiamo (Old, bay stallion by Andiamo Z)
  • 1999   Sanne (Old, dark brown mare by Quattro B)
    • 2003   Walou (KWPN, mare by Oklund)
    • 2003   Walou (KWPN, dark brown mare by Oklund)
    • 2005   Paratrooper (Azoe) (KWPN, bay stallion by Oklund) Approved for: AESISJ Level 1.60m with Todd Minikus (USA) and Laura Kraut (USA) 1st CSI2* 2014 - Grand Prix 2014 Vilamoura (POR) (1.50m); 
  • 2001   Alassia (OS, bay mare by Andiamo Z) : see above

3rd dam:
1984    Wonne VIII ( Holst, mare by Caletto II ) See more

  • 1992   Gracia I (Holst, mare by Lord)
    • 2000   GK Ciao (Holst, grey gelding by Calido I) ISJ Level 1.50m with Keisuke Kujiraoka (JPN) and Vicky Roycroft (AUS)
    • 2001   GK Romy (Holst, bay mare by Contender) ISJ Level 1.60m with Bartholomeu Bueno de Miranda Neto (BRA) 3rd CSI1* 2014 Porto Alegre (BRA) (1.40m); 
    • 2004   Uleika (Holst, bay mare by Quantum) dam of GK Casper ( Holst, 2008, dark bay stallion by Canto ) ISJ Level 1.60m
    • 2005   GK Quozient (Holst, bay gelding by Quantum) ISJ Level 1.45m with Inga Czwalina (DEU)
    • 2006   GK Quentin (Holst, bay gelding by Quantum) ISJ Level 1.60m with Philine Widmayer (DEU) and Stefan Engbers (DEU) 2nd CSI3* 2015 Lummen (BEL) (1.50m); 2nd CSI3* 2015 Vilamoura (POR) (1.45m); 2nd CSI3* 2015 Varberg (SWE) (1.45m); 
  • 1996   Wonnige (Holst, mare by Contender) : see above
  • 1997   Miss Saigon (Holst, bay mare by Alexis Z) ISJ Level 1.50m with Mylène Diederichsmeier (DEU)
    • 2002   GK Cognac (Holst, chestnut gelding by Concept 2) ISJ Level 1.45m with Sultan Alqarzaey (SAU) and Rayaan Bin Rayes (SAU)
  • 2002   GK Cacao (Holst, dark bay gelding by Coriano Z) ISJ Level 1.35m with Arturo Hernandez (MEX)
  • 2004   GK Cerano (Holst, bay stallion by Casall ASK) ISJ Level 1.40m with Inga Czwalina (DEU)
  • 2006   GK Capone (Holst, bay gelding by Casall ASK) ISJ Level 1.30m with Shah Hering (ITA)

4th dam:
1966    Carra ( Holst, light bay mare by Frivol xx ) See more

  • 1972   J-Melodie (Holst, mare by Moltke I)
    • 1995   Arcus (Holst, grey stallion by Arturo) Approved for: Holst
  • 1975   M-Romina (Holst, light bay mare by Roman)
    • 1979   Latina 22 (Holst, light bay mare by Lord)
    • 1980   S-Lischa (Holst, bay mare by Landgraf I)
    • 1993   H-Cosi F. Tute (Holst, grey mare by Cantus) dam of Cosimax ( Holst, 2004, grey gelding by Caretino ) ISJ Level 1.60m
    • 1994   Jomina (Holst, mare by Cantus) dam of Carmargue ( Holst, 2003, light bay stallion by Cassini II ) Approved for: Holst, SWB, DWB ISJ Level 1.50m
  • 1979   Röslein (Holst, black brown mare by Rapallo)
    • 1990   E-Carisma (Holst, bay mare by Capitol I)
  • 1983   Varette (Holst, bay mare by Caletto II)
    • 1990   Lerano (Holst, bay stallion by Lord) Approved for: Holst, OS, MVISJ Level 1.60m with Manuela Schweizer (CHE) and Samantha Lam (HKG)
    • 1992   Giselle I (Holst, mare by Lord)
    • 1994   Jump One (Lassergut Corlette) (Holst, grey mare by Capitol I) ISJ Level 1.50m with Björn Nagel (DEU) 1st CSI-A 2002 Redefin (GER) (1.50m);  dam of Theodora Lassergut ( SF, 2007, grey mare by Baloubet du Rouet ) ISJ Level 1.30m
  • 1984   Wonne VIII (Holst, mare by Caletto II) : see above