Performance pedigree of:

Clever Brabant Lease

ISJ Level 1.40m

Breeder: V.M. Bolders, ( Netherlands )
Current name: Clever Brabant Lease
Year of birth: 2007
Country of birth: Netherlands
Color: bay
Gender: Gelding
Studbook: KWPN
Earnings: € 4.152


2003   Wittinger VDL (KWPN, dark bay stallion by Indoctro) Approved for: KWPN ISJ level 1.55m with Amanda Flint (USA) and Jur Vrieling (NLD)
2nd CSI2* 2012 - Grand Prix 2012 De Steeg (NED) (1.45m); 3rd CSI5*-W 2011 Stuttgart (GER) (1.45m); See more

1st dam:
1999    Sowieso Brabant-Lease ( KWPN, dark bay mare by Concorde ) See more

  • 2007   Clever Brabant Lease (KWPN, bay gelding by Wittinger VDL) ISJ level 1.40m with Nathalie Willems (BEL) and Nathalie Willems (BEL) 1st CSI2* 2015 Oliva-Valencia (ESP) ( 1.40m ); 2nd CSI1* 2016 Oliva-Valencia (ESP) ( 1.40m ); 3rd CSI1* 2016 Oliva-Valencia (ESP) ( 1.40m ); See more

2nd dam:
1980    Swatowo ( Swatowo ) ( Holst, mare by Lord ) See more

  • 1985   Zarina VII (Holst, mare by Raimondo)See more
    • 1991   Clinton Jmen (Clinton) (Holst, bay stallion by Corrado I) Approved for: HolstSee more
    • 1996   Legende V (Holst, bay mare by Landgraf I)See more dam of Vanya W ( KWPN, 2002, bay mare by Equest Carnute ) ISJ level 1.60m
  • 1986   Alant (Aversio) (Holst, bay stallion by Ahorn Z) Approved for: ZfdPSee more
  • 1989   Diana XXII (Diana XXII) (Holst, mare by Casino Boy xx)See more
    • 1993   Holländerin (Hollaenderin) (Holst, grey mare by Athlet Z)See more
    • 2002   Sissy 1 (Holst, mare by Caretino)See more
  • 1994   Lorlandine (mare by Leonid)See more
    • 2007   Dalora Z (Z, bay mare by Danelzo Z) ISJ level 1.35m with Rodrigo Giesteira Almeida (PRT) and Lowie Joppen (NLD) See more
  • 1999   Sowieso Brabant-Lease (KWPN, dark bay mare by Concorde): see above

3rd dam:
1969    Felica ( Felica ) ( Holst, bay mare by Farnese ) See more

  • 1976   Nikola (Nikola) (Holst, bay mare by Raimond)See more
    • -000   Wilca 210073584 (Wilca) (Holst, mare by Lord 210394067)See more
    • 1982   Annelieze (KWPN, bay mare by Othello)See more dam of Spencer ( KWPN, 1999, bay gelding by Emilion ) ISJ level 1.45m
    • 1984   Wilga (Wencke 24, Wilca) (Holst, bay mare by Lord)See more dam of Cashmere 13 ( Holst, 1993, bay mare by Caletto I ) IDR
    • 1985   Zuleika (Holst, black brown mare by Lord)See more
    • 1989   Dolle Dern 2 (Holst, mare by Calgary)See more dam of Chantal ( Holst, 2003, bay mare by Contendro I ) ISJ level 1.45m
    • 1991   Fregatte (Holst, mare by Lavall II)See more
  • 1979   Leonardo I (Leonardo I) (Holst, bay stallion by Lord) Approved for: HolstSee more
  • 1980   Swatowo (Swatowo) (Holst, mare by Lord): see above
  • 1981   Leonardo II (Holst, bay stallion by Lord) Approved for: Holst IDR with Lynda Cameron (USA) See more
  • 1985   Zaletta (Zaletta) (Holst, mare by Caletto II)See more
    • 1993   High Light (High Light III) (Holst, bay mare by Sir Shostakovich xx)See more dam of Canoso ( Holst, 2005, bay stallion by Catoki ) Approved for: Holst, Old, OS ISJ level 1.45m
    • 1996   Linetta (Holst, mare by Quidam de Revel)See more dam of Nontender ( Holst, 2001, bay gelding by Contender ) ISJ level 1.50m
    • 2001   Roxana III (Holst, grey mare by Carolus H)See more
    • 2005   Valencia VII (Holst, grey mare by Cassini I)See more
  • 1990   Elica (Holst, grey mare by Rocco)See more
    • 2005   Caretta LVP (Holst, grey mare by Caretino)See more

4th dam:
1961    Varna ( Varna ) ( Holst, bay mare by Lohengrin ) See more

  • 1969   Felica (Felica) (Holst, bay mare by Farnese): see above
  • 1971   Hula (Hula) (Holst, mare by Sable Skinflint xx)See more
    • 1976   Natalie (Holst, mare by Roman)See more dam of Condor ( Holst, 1997, bay gelding by Caletto I ) ISJ level 1.60m
    • 1984   Wildnis (Holst, bay mare by Othello)See more
    • 1988   Carna (Holst, mare by Corleone)See more dam of Catwalk IV ( Holst, 2003, brown stallion by Colman ) ISJ level 1.60m
    • 1990   Ehula (Holst, mare by Rocco)See more
    • 1991   Lennon (Lennon) (Holst, bay stallion by Lord) Approved for: HolstSee more