Performance pedigree of:

Ashdale Tolarko

Level 1.30m

Current name: Ashdale Tolarko
Year of birth: 2010
Country of birth: United Kingdom
Color: bay
Gender: gelding
Studbook: AES


2005   Valato Des Dames (sBs, grey stallion by Calato Z) Approved for: AES
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1st dam:
2004    Ashdale Misarko ( AES, bay mare by Arko III ) See more

  • 2010   Ashdale Tolarko (AES, bay gelding by Valato Des Dames) Level 1.30m with Charlotte Flack (GBR)
  • 2011   Ashdale Crosby (AES, chestnut stallion by Cs Online)

2nd dam:
1994    Ashdale Macintha ( KWPN, bay mare by Hinault ) See more

  • 2003   Ashdale Galarko (AES, bay gelding by Arko III)
  • 2004   Ashdale Misarko (AES, bay mare by Arko III) : see above
  • 2005   Ashdale Senica (AES, mare by Luidam) Level 1.45m with Charlotte Flack (GBR)
  • 2006   Ashdale Luison (AES, bay stallion by Luidam) Approved for: AESLevel 1.60m with Charlotte Flack (GBR) and Anthony Condon (IRL)
  • 2007   Ashdale Mirage (AES, bay mare by Cs Online)
  • 2008   Ashdale Highline (AES, bay stallion by Cs Online)
  • 2009   Ashdale Titan (AES, bay stallion by Cs Online)
  • 2010   Ashdale Maganne (AES, bay mare by Valato Des Dames) Level 1.40m with Charlotte Flack (GBR) 1st CSIYH1* 2017 Oliva-Valencia (ESP) (1.35m); 1st CSIYH1* 2017 Oliva-Valencia (ESP) (1.30m); 
  • 2011   Ashdale Casper (AES, bay stallion by Cs Online)

3rd dam:
1991    Jacintha ( KWPN, mare by Ramiro Z ) See more

  • 1994   Ashdale Macintha (KWPN, bay mare by Hinault) : see above
  • 1995   Novalis 46 (KWPN, bay stallion by Jus de Pomme) Level 1.45m with Andrea Strain (CAN) 2nd CSI2* 2008 - Grand Prix 2008 Langley (CAN) (1.45m); 
  • 2001   Ursula (KWPN, bay mare by Lux Z) Level 1.35m with Wout Neven (BEL)
  • 2003   Wacintha (KWPN, grey gelding by VDL Corland) Level 1.30m with Natasha Ines Wah Idris (MYS) 1st CSI1* 2015 Kuala Lumpur (MAS) (1.30m); 

4th dam:
1987    Fantasia ( KWPN, dark bay mare by Nimmerdor ) See more

  • 1991   Jacintha (KWPN, mare by Ramiro Z) : see above
  • 1995   Natasia (KWPN, chestnut mare by Jus de Pomme)
    • 2011   Gantasia (KWPN, bay mare by Indoctro) Level 1.25m with Lennerd Jochems
  • 1998   Rembrand (grey stallion by VDL Corland) Approved for: AES
  • 1999   Santasia (KWPN, chestnut mare by VDL Corland)
    • 2003   Wantasia (KWPN, black brown mare by Indoctro)
    • 2004   Zorro (KWPN, chestnut gelding by VDL Sheraton) Level 1.40m with Freddy Demuynck (BEL) and Johan Demolder (BEL)
    • 2016   Datasia Z (Z, chestnut mare by Dallas VDL)
  • 2003   Wantasie (KWPN, bay mare by Indorado)
    • 2007   Challenge (KWPN, grey gelding by Carolus H) Level 1.35m with Lisa Guedj (FRA) and Joffrey Buard (FRA)