Performance pedigree of:

Con Spirito R

Level 1.60m

Breeder: Jürgen Hattebuhr, Burgwedel ( Germany )  
Current name: Con Spirito R
Year of birth: 1995
Country of birth: Germany
Color: bay
Gender: stallion
Studbook: Holstein
Approved for: Holst, BAD-WÜ


1984   Contender (Holst, dark bay stallion by Calypso II) Approved for: KWPN, Hann, Holst, Old, Rhein, SF, SI
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1st dam:
1992    Galaune ( Holst, bay mare by Caletto I ) See more

  • 1995   Con Spirito R (Holst, bay stallion by Contender) Approved for: Holst, BAD-WÜLevel 1.60m with Gilbert Deroock (BEL) and Theo Muff (CHE) 3rd CSIO5* 2007 - Nations Cup 2007 Dublin (IRL) (1.60m); 3rd CSIO5* 2007 - Grand Prix 2007 Lummen (BEL) (1.60m); 
  • 1996   Con Caletto (Holst, dark bay stallion by Contender) Approved for: Hann, Holst, OSLevel 1.50m with Mandy Goosen (GBR)
  • 1998   Nina XI (Holst, mare by Alcatraz)
    • 2004   Confetti 2 (Confetti) (Holst, dark bay gelding by Cassini II) Level 1.45m with Bassel Kalai (SYR) and Oliver Berger (DEU)
    • 2004   Confetti Von Pferdheim (Holst, dark bay stallion by Cassini II)
    • 2005   Cimy von Kielslück (Holst, grey gelding by Cassini II) Level 1.55m with Barbara Suter (ITA)
    • 2006   Carlo (Carlo von Kielslück) (Holst, grey gelding by Cassini II) Level 1.50m with Sebastian Adams (DEU) and Therese Søhol Henriksen (NOR) 3rd CSI2* 2017 Eschweiler (GER) (1.45m); 2nd CSIYH1* 2014 Offenburg (GER) (1.40m); 1st CSI1YH* 2013 Opglabbeek (BEL) (1.35m); 1st CSIYH1* 2013 Geesteren (NED) (1.35m); 
  • 2008   Any (Any von Kielsluck) (Holst, bay mare by Aljano) Level 1.45m with Thomas John Russell (USA)

2nd dam:
1986    Alraune ( Holst, black brown mare by Capitol I ) See more

  • 1990   Elraune (Holst, bay mare by Silvester)
    • 1993   Cartoon Jmen (Holst, chestnut stallion by Calando I)
    • 1994   Ina VI (Holst, bay mare by Corofino I)
    • 1995   Cattani 17 (Holst, bay gelding by Corrado I) Level 1.60m with Geir Gulliksen (NOR) and Manuel Fernandez Saro (ESP) 1st CSIO5* 2008 - Nations Cup 2008 Lummen (BEL) (1.60m); 1st CSIO4* 2005 - Nations Cup 2005 Linz-Ebelsberg (AUT) (1.60m); 2nd CSIO5* 2009 - Nations Cup 2009 Gijon (ESP) (1.60m); 2nd CSI5* 2007 - Mercedes Classic 2007 Zürich (SUI) (1.60m); 2nd CSIO4* 2006 - Nations Cup 2006 Drammen (NOR) (1.60m); 3rd CSIO4* 2004 - Nations Cup 2004 Lisbon (POR) (1.60m); 2nd CSIO3* 2009 - Nations Cup 2009 Drammen (NOR) (1.50m); 
    • 1999   Olraune (Holst, bay mare by Cambridge) dam of Catamara'n ( Holst, 2010, grey gelding by Corrado I ) Level 1.40m
    • 2000   Palaune (Holst, bay mare by Lavaletto 7)
    • 2001   Ralaune (Holst, dark bay mare by Lancer II)
  • 1991   Landstreicher (Horse Gym Landstreicher) (Holst, dark bay stallion by Landgraf I) Approved for: Hann, Holst, Old, Rhein, BAD-WÜ, Brand, OS, Westf, SaThü, MV, BALevel 1.60m with Edwina Tops-Alexander (AUS) and Toni Hassmann (DEU) 1st CSI-A 2002 - Grand Prix 2002 Hamburg (GER); 1st CSI-A 2001 - Grand Prix 2001 Spangenberg (GER); 
  • 1992   Galaune (Holst, bay mare by Caletto I) : see above
  • 1996   Last Edition Z (Z, bay stallion by Landgraf I)
  • 1998   Quirly Z (Z, mare by Quidam de Revel)
  • 2008   Le Noir De Trebox Z (Z, bay stallion by Le Tot de Semilly) Level 1.50m with Guido Franchi (ITA) and Cristina Heurtematte (GTM)

3rd dam:
1974    Luzern ( Holst, mare by Sacramento Song xx ) See more

  • 1986   Alraune (Holst, black brown mare by Capitol I) : see above
  • 1990   Ellipse (Holst, mare by Landlord)
    • 1995   K-Riwena (Holst, bay mare by Riverman) dam of Lotus F ( Holst, 1999, bay mare by Liatos ) Level 1.45m
      dam of Cayenna F ( DWB, 2005, bay gelding by Carson ASK ) Level 1.35m
    • 1997   American Pie (Holst, brown stallion by Alcatraz)
  • 1991   Lawrence (Holst, bay gelding by Lord) IDR with Sonja Aigner (AUT) and Wolfgang Aigner (DEU)
  • 1994   Jaen (Holst, dark bay mare by Caletto I)
    • 2000   Al Bertino 2 (Holst, dark bay gelding by Aloube Z) Level 1.50m with Ann-Mari May (DEU)
    • 2004   Chinouk (Holst, grey mare by Calato Z) dam of Castello Z ( Z, 2008, grey stallion by Castelino van de Helle ) Level 1.45m
  • 1998   Noblesse-Lea (Holst, mare by Leandro)

4th dam:
1970    Gudrun ( Holst, mare by Wahnfried ) See more

  • 1974   Luzern (Holst, mare by Sacramento Song xx) : see above
  • 1975   Mechthild (Holst, mare by Sacramento Song xx)
    • 1981   Optiebeurs Leonardo (Holst, dark bay gelding by Landmeister)
    • 1984   Wachtel III (Holst, dark bay mare by Landmeister) dam of Cayenne ( Holst, 1991, bay stallion by Capitol I ) Approved for: ZfdP Level 1.45m
      dam of Cellist ( Holst, 1992, grey gelding by Capitol I ) Level 1.60m
      dam of Canitti ( Holst, 1993, bay gelding by Cornetto ) Level 1.45m
      dam of SIEC C. Itti ( Holst, 2003, bay gelding by Classido ) Level 1.60m
    • 1986   Alegre (Allegre) (Holst, bay mare by Leonardo I)
    • 1988   Chita (Holst, grey mare by Capitol I) dam of Eldo van't Plutoniahof Z ( Z, 2011, grey stallion by Elvis ter Putte ) Level 1.15m
    • 1997   Minne I (Holst, black brown mare by Locato) dam of Cassio 14 ( Holst, 2001, grey gelding by Cassini I ) Level 1.35m
      dam of HH Conrad ( Conrad de Hus )  ( Holst, 2005, bay stallion by Con Air 7 ) Approved for: SF, Z, AES Level 1.60m
      dam of Chance de Hus ( SF, 2012, bay stallion by Con Air 7 ) Approved for: SF
  • 1981   T-Marbella (Marbella 14) (Holst, chestnut mare by Mowgli)
    • 1997   Chablis 121-T (Miss Chablis) (Holst, chestnut mare by Calido I) Level 1.45m with Jiri Papousek (CZE)
  • 1983   Vivian (Holst, mare by Romino)
    • 1989   Danny I (Holst, mare by Landgraf I) dam of Carlos Cantus ( Holst, 1999, grey gelding by Colbert ) Level 1.50m