Performance pedigree of:

Harley VDL

Level 1.55m

Breeder: M. van de Bruggen, Goirle ( Netherlands )  
Current name: Harley VDL
Former name: Ursel
Year of birth: 2001
Country of birth: Netherlands
Color: bay
Gender: stallion
Studbook: KWPN
Earnings since 2014-10-01: € 370
Approved for: KWPN, Hann, sBs, NRPS, AES, Westf


1989   Heartbreaker (KWPN, bay stallion by Nimmerdor) Approved for: KWPN, SF, BWP, SWB Level 1.60m with Peter Geerink (NLD) and Grant Wilson (NZL)
1st CSIO 1998 - Nations Cup 1998 Falsterbo (SWE); See more

1st dam:
1993    Larthago ( Hodrina ) ( Holst, grey mare by Carthago Z ) Level 1.50m with Mathijs van Asten (NLD) See more

  • 1996   Coraline Z (Z, chestnut mare by Coriall)
    • 2003   Quica Z (Z, chestnut mare by Quitano Z)
    • 2004   Cristal Z (Z, chestnut mare by Carthago De Tango Z)
    • 2005   Quillay Z (Z, dark brown stallion by Quito De Tango Z)
  • 1997   Cevin Z (Z, grey stallion by Coriall) Approved for: AES, SHBGBLevel 1.50m with William Funnell (GBR)
  • 1998   Bruce Z (Z, dark chestnut stallion by Bachus Z)
  • 1999   Hopes Are High Z (Z, bay stallion by High Valley Z) Level 1.60m with Naser Al Shawwaf (SAU) and Nasser Al Shawaf (SAU)
  • 2001   Caroline Z (Z, dark chestnut mare by Chellano Z)
    • 2005   Annastasia (KWPN, grey mare by VDL Silverstone)
    • 2006   Sandro's Girl Z (Z, grey mare by Sandro Boy) dam of Eloy ( KWPN, 2009, dark bay mare by Arezzo VDL ) Level 1.35m
    • 2007   Quasi Girl Z (Z, dark chestnut mare by Quasimodo Z)
    • 2008   Castellani Z (Z, stallion by Canturano I) Approved for: OSLevel 1.30m with Christian Ahlmann (DEU)
    • 2009   Contour Z (Z, grey stallion by Canturano I) Level 1.40m with Danila Langguth (DEU) and Stefan Engbers (DEU)
    • 2010   Contour II Z (Z, bay stallion by Canturano I) Level 1.30m with Anthony Condon (IRL) and Ioli Mytilineou (GRC) 1st CSIYH1* 2016 Oliva-Valencia (ESP) (1.25m); 1st CSIYH1* 2016 Oliva-Valencia (ESP) (1.25m); 1st CSIYH1* 2015 Vilamoura (POR) (1.20m); 
    • 2011   Femme Flamenco Z (Z, bay mare by Flamenco de Semilly)
    • 2012   Nolly Z (Z, dark chestnut mare by Numero Uno)
    • 2015   Zappa Z (Z, grey stallion by Zapatero VDL)
    • 2016   Anytime Z (Z, grey stallion by Arezzo VDL)
    • 2017   Comme Ce La Z (Z, grey mare by Comme Il Faut)
  • 2001   Uncle Sam (KWPN, bay stallion by Heartbreaker) Level 1.45m with Koen Leemans (NLD)
  • 2001   Harley VDL (Ursel) (KWPN, bay stallion by Heartbreaker) Approved for: KWPN, Hann, sBs, NRPS, AES, WestfLevel 1.55m with Jessica Kürten (IRL) and Angelique Hoorn (NLD) 2nd CSI2* 2011 - Grand Prix 2011 Sainte Cécile (FRA) (1.45m); 
  • 2001   Claudia Z (Z, dark chestnut mare by Caretano Z)
    • 2005   Claus Z (Z, grey stallion by Couleur Rubin) Approved for: SFLevel 1.35m with Jonathan Chabrol (FRA)
    • 2007   VDL Groep Cinderella (KWPN, grey mare by Indorado) Level 1.35m with Niclas Parmler (SWE)
    • 2009   Cameron Z (Z, dark chestnut stallion by Cicero Z van Paemel ) Approved for: Z
    • 2010   Janic 'taime Z (Z, dark chestnut stallion by Je t'Aime Flamenco)
    • 2011   Jeanne Dare Z (Z, bay mare by Je t'Aime Flamenco)
    • 2012   Hiacinte (KWPN, bay mare by Numero Uno)
    • 2013   Cantona TN (Cornet Z) (Z, bay stallion by Codex One) Approved for: KWPN, Z
    • 2014   Coraline Z (Et) (Z, mare by Codex One)
  • 2006   Colinda Z (Z, dark chestnut mare by Caron)
  • 2007   Qintus Z (Z, dark chestnut stallion by Quasimodo Z)
  • 2008   Sören Z (Z, grey stallion by Sandro Boy) Level 1.60m with Kasey Ament (USA) 2nd CSI3* 2017 Rockwood (CAN) (1.40m); 
  • 2009   Dimitri Z (Z, grey stallion by Diarado) Approved for: ZLevel 1.45m with Kim Kristensen (DNK)
  • 2011   Casago (Holst, grey stallion by Casall ASK) Approved for: KWPN, AESLevel 1.35m with Piergorgio Bucci (ITA)
  • 2013   Casago II (Holst, bay stallion by Casall ASK) Approved for: AES
  • 2014   Esmee Z (Et) (Z, mare by E Star)
  • 2015   Kalista (KWPN, bay mare by F One USA)

2nd dam:
1989    Daisy IV ( Holst, grey mare by Caletto I ) See more

  • 1993   Larthago (Hodrina) (Holst, grey mare by Carthago Z) : see above
  • 1996   L-Coriana (Holst, chestnut mare by Coriano Z)
    • 2000   Caritano Z (Holst, grey stallion by Carthago Z) Approved for: Z
    • 2001   R-Cassina (Holst, bay mare by Cassini I)
    • 2003   Cassiana (Holst, bay mare by Cassini I) dam of Cassuro ( Holst, 2010, bay gelding by Canturo ) Level 1.30m
    • 2004   Usa (Holst, chestnut mare by Cassini I)
    • 2010   DE421000401310 (Holst, bay mare by Cassini I)
  • 2009   Colman 6 (Holst, chestnut gelding by Colman) Level 1.35m with Hinerk Köhlbrandt (DEU)
  • 2015   Kalisto P&s Z (Z, chestnut stallion by Kannan)

3rd dam:
1977    Odrina ( Holst, grey mare by Locarno ) See more

  • 1985   Zarina VIII (Holst, grey mare by My Lord)
    • 1996   Angel (mare by Alasca)
  • 1989   Daisy IV (Holst, grey mare by Caletto I) : see above
  • 1990   Clodette (Holst, dark brown mare by Calando IV)
    • 1994   Vorr (SA, dark brown mare by Oglio xx)

4th dam:
1964    Adriana ( Holst, grey mare by Kapitän ) See more

  • 1976   Nuane (Holst, mare by Stanley)
    • 1983   Viktoria V (Westf, bay mare by Rinaldo) dam of Nightfire 12 ( Brand, 2000, dark bay gelding by Nobeltänzer ) IEV 1*
  • 1977   Odrina (Holst, grey mare by Locarno) : see above