Performance pedigree of:

Imke P De Felines

ISJ Level 1.50m

Breeder: Pierre Van Assche, Weert ( Belgium )  
Current name: Imke P De Felines
Former name: Imke P.
Year of birth: 2008
Country of birth: Belgium
Color: bay
Gender: mare
Studbook: BWP
Earnings since 2014-10-01: € 9,672


2002   Carabas v/d Wateringhoeve (BWP, bay stallion by Toulon) Approved for: BWP ISJ Level 1.60m with Rob de Bruijn (NLD) and Nick Vrins (BEL)
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1st dam:
1995    Sonny Girl G ( BWP, bay mare by Skippy II ) See more

  • 2002   Carlo (BWP, chestnut gelding by Vancouver d'Auvray) ISJ Level 1.35m with Louis Reverchon (FRA) and Sophie Segovia (FRA)
  • 2004   Egor P (BWP, bay stallion by Toulon)
  • 2006   Gerona.p (BWP, bay mare by Toulon)
    • 2009   Jana P. (BWP, grey mare by Quincerot van T&L)
    • 2011   Loe P (BWP, bay stallion by Copperfield von der Held)
    • 2013   Nicko P (BWP, bay stallion by Tonixe)
    • 2014   Olisco.p. (BWP, stallion by Houston)
    • 2016   Quino P (BWP, dark chestnut stallion by Lavallino ter Klomp)
  • 2007   Hispahaan P (BWP, bay stallion by Carabas v/d Wateringhoeve)
  • 2008   Imke P De Felines (Imke P.) (BWP, bay mare by Carabas v/d Wateringhoeve) ISJ Level 1.50m with Nicolas Bost (FRA) and Olivier Perreau (FRA) 1st CSIYH1* 2015 Barbizon (FRA) (1.40m); 2nd CSIYH1* 2015 Chazey sur Ain (FRA) (1.40m); 1st CSIYH1* 2015 Chazey sur Ain (FRA) (1.30m); 1st CSIYH1* 2015 Massongy (FRA) (1.30m); 1st CSIYH1* 2015 Vittel (FRA) (1.30m); 1st CSIYH1* 2015 Cagnes-sur-Mer (FRA) (1.25m); 
  • 2010   Karin .p. (BWP, grey mare by Quincerot van T&L)

2nd dam:
1986    Joli Madame G ( BWP, bay mare by Adieu Z ) See more

  • 1991   Orlanda G (BWP, bay mare by Landadel)
    • 1994   Rosette G (BWP, bay mare by Be Bob Dollans)
    • 1996   Telstar G (BWP, bay gelding by Gotspe Z)
    • 2002   Cassandra van het Eyselhof (BWP, bay mare by Zamiro)
    • 2003   Don Ramiro v/h Eyselhof (BWP, bay or brown gelding by Mille-Ramiro)
    • 2008   Idalgo V/'t Eyselhof (BWP, bay or brown stallion by Quadrillo)
  • 1993   Quick G (BWP, bay stallion by Skippy II)
  • 1994   Ratina G (BWP, bay mare by Skippy II)
  • 1995   Sonny Girl G (BWP, bay mare by Skippy II) : see above
  • 1996   Tarra G (BWP, bay mare by Gotspe Z)
  • 1997   Umana G (BWP, bay mare by Skippy II)
    • 2004   Erisca G (BWP, bay mare by Quival )

3rd dam:
1975    Vadrouille D81 ( BWP, grey mare by Drost ) See more

  • 1983   Galipette (BWP, grey mare by Gibramino)
    • 1986   Jacari G (BWP, grey stallion by Lys de Darmen)
    • 1991   Opera G (BWP, grey stallion by Goldspring de Lauzelle )
    • 1992   Playboy G (BWP, grey stallion by Lurano)
    • 1993   Quickstar G (BWP, bay stallion by Lys de Darmen)
    • 1994   Rockefeller G (BWP, bay stallion by Playboy)
    • 1996   Tecibel (BWP, grey mare by Ohio van de Padenborre) dam of Falouchin van het Oude Hof ( BWP, 2005, chestnut stallion by Chin Chin ) ISJ Level 1.40m
      dam of Houston van het Oude Hof ( BWP, 2007, grey gelding by Andiamo Z ) ISJ Level 1.50m
    • 1997   Upignac (BWP, bay stallion by Ohio van de Padenborre)
  • 1984   Happy Maid (BWP, grey mare by Gibramino)
  • 1985   Inchala G (BWP, grey mare by Lurano)
    • 1996   Twilight du Brou (BWP, black brown stallion by Landino)
    • 1999   Wet Dreams van Orshof (BWP, bay stallion by Landino)
    • 2000   Aramis van Orshof D'05 (Aramis Van Orshof) (BWP, grey stallion by Landino)
    • 2002   Caprice van Orshof (BWP, grey mare by Parco) dam of Jalinka van Orshof ( BWP, 2009, grey mare by Ustinov ) ISJ Level 1.50m
      dam of Katinka van Orshof ( BWP, 2010, bay or brown mare by Ustinov ) ISJ Level 1.35m
    • 2003   Dindane van Orshof (BWP, chestnut mare by Turbo van 't Gestelhof)
    • 2006   Guillaume van Orshof (BWP, grey stallion by Chatman)
  • 1986   Joli Madame G (BWP, bay mare by Adieu Z) : see above
  • 1987   Kwikzilver G (BWP, grey stallion by Lurano)
  • 1989   Mascotte 'g' (BWP, bay mare by Skippy II)
    • 1992   Pegasus G (BWP, bay or brown gelding by Feo)

4th dam:
1966    Myralda van Bloemenhof ( BWP, grey mare by Rubis Rose ) See more

  • 1971   Rocquepinne (BWP, bay stallion by Drost)
  • 1973   Troika (BWP, bay mare by Cesar)
    • 1978   Bea (BWP, bay mare by Abiran xx)
  • 1974   Ulla (BWP, mare by Drost) ISJ Level 1.45m with Pierre Fougeray (FRA)
  • 1975   Vadrouille D81 (BWP, grey mare by Drost) : see above
  • 1976   Wibraminne (BWP, grey mare by Gibramino)