Performance pedigree of:

Bon Ami

Breeder: Luc Mardaga, As ( Belgium )  
Current name: Bon Ami
Year of birth: 1985
Color: grey
Gender: stallion
Studbook: sBs
Approved for: SF, sBs


1970   Elegant de l'Ile (SF, bay stallion by Protocole xx)
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1st dam:
1970    Luckey ( KWPN, grey mare by Hus ) See more

  • 1984   Hello Dandy (BWP, grey stallion by Melchior)
  • 1985   Bon Ami B (sBs, stallion by Elegant de l'Ile)
  • 1985   Bon Ami (sBs, grey stallion by Elegant de l'Ile) Approved for: SF, sBs with Eric Wauters (BEL)
  • 1986   Cocquette de l'Ile (sBs, grey mare by Elegant de l'Ile)
    • 1990   Godiva van Castershoeve (sBs, chestnut mare by Vondel van het Hendrixhof)
    • 1991   Hello Dandy V/d Casters. (sBs, bay stallion by Elanville)
    • 1992   Ipswich Van Castershoeve (sBs, stallion by Elanville)
    • 1993   June van de Castershoeve (sBs, grey mare by Elanville) dam of Trillion ( Pacca'o de l'Escaille )  ( sBs, 1999, bay stallion by Baloubet du Rouet ) Level 1.50m
    • 1997   Stanly (AES, grey stallion by Lucky-Sky Berkenbroek D91)
    • 1999   Ping-Pong van de Casterhoeve (sBs, grey mare by Nabab de Reve) dam of Tinky van de Casterhoeve ( sBs, 2003, grey gelding by Ogano Sitte ) Level 1.30m
      dam of Foujik vd Castershoeve ( sBs, 2011, grey stallion by Moujik de Sohan ) Level 1.25m
    • 2002   Calvadore de Wilmar (BWP, bay stallion by Calvados)
    • 2003   Doncalvadero de Wilmar (BWP, bay stallion by Calvados)
    • 2006   Gold Dancer van 't Ertsenhof (BWP, gelding by Quickfeuer van Koekshof)
    • 2007   Mon Ami v't Ertsenhof Z (Z, bay mare by Moujik de Sohan)
  • 1987   Kiri (BWP, chestnut mare by Fantastique)
    • 1991   Harakiri V/d Castershoeve (sBs, bay stallion by Elanville)
    • 1991   Odessa (BWP, bay mare by Baloubet du Rouet)
    • 1994   Kiss Van De Castershoeve (sBs, chestnut stallion by Elanville)
    • 1999   Zita Z (Z, mare by Zeus)
    • 2000   Quolibri Hero (sBs, chestnut stallion by Calvados)
    • 2003   Warona (KWPN, bay mare by Krunch de Breve) dam of Feeling Luckey ( KWPN, 2010, chestnut gelding by Bustique ) Level 1.40m
    • 2005   Free- Lance Z (Z, bay stallion by Franco Z)
    • 2007   Crack P.s Z (Z, stallion by Cracky Z)
  • 1988   Evita van de Casterhoeve (sBs, bay mare by Fantastique)
    • 1994   Kirios-Op Sille (sBs, bay stallion by Elanville)
    • 1996   Mirage-Op Sille (sBs, chestnut mare by Hebah van de Castershoeve)
    • 2003   Thunder Of The Star Ranch (sBs, bay mare by Lambada van Berkenbroeck)
    • 2004   Udany Van De Star Range (sBs, chestnut stallion by Moujik de Sohan)
    • 2006   Avita van de Casterhoeve (sBs, bay mare by Moujik de Sohan)
    • 2007   Batser Van De Castershoeve (sBs, chestnut stallion by Indian Gold van Castershoeve)
    • 2008   Cici Van De Castershoeve (sBs, grey mare by Indian Gold van Castershoeve)
  • 1990   Gokker van Castershoeve (sBs, bay stallion by Darco)

2nd dam:
1955    Utile ( KWPN, mare by L'Invasion ) See more

  • 1970   Luckey (KWPN, grey mare by Hus) : see above

3rd dam:
1949    Nuta ( Sgldt, mare by Graaf van Wittenstein ) See more

  • 1954   Tel (Sgldt, chestnut mare by L'Invasion)
    • 1966   Heluta (Sgldt, mare by Wieland)
  • 1955   Utile (KWPN, mare by L'Invasion) : see above

4th dam:
1945    Jonge Barona ( Sgldt, chestnut mare by Elegast ) See more

  • 1949   Nuta (Sgldt, mare by Graaf van Wittenstein) : see above
  • 1950   Orlando (Sgldt, chestnut stallion by Graaf van Wittenstein)