Performance pedigree of:

Calido I

Breeder: Matthias Kahler, Steinhagen ( Germany )  
Current name: Calido I
Year of birth: 1991
Country of birth: Germany
Color: grey
Gender: Stallion
Studbook: Holstein
Approved for: Hann, Holst, Old, OS


1981   Cantus (Holst, grey stallion by Caletto I) Approved for: Holst, Rhein
See more

1st dam:
1987    Baroness ( Holst, grey mare by Coriander ) See more

  • 1991   Calido I (Holst, grey stallion by Cantus) Approved for: Hann, Holst, Old, OSSee more
  • 1992   Gräfin Z (Graefin XI) (Holst, grey mare by Landgraf I)See more
    • 1996   Charlatan Z (Z, grey stallion by Corofino I) Approved for: ZSee more
    • 1997   Calida Z (Z, dark chestnut mare by Catango Z)See more
    • 1998   Celebration Z (Z, bay mare by Calvin Z)See more
    • 1999   Cina Z (Z, mare by Caretano Z)See more
    • 1999   Cina Z (Z, mare by Caretano Z)See more
    • 2000   Carafino Z (Z, bay stallion by Canabis Z) See more
    • 2001   A Horse A Horse d'Acheronte (SI, bay stallion by Quidam de Revel) ISJ level 1.20m with Luigi Rossoni (ITA) See more
  • 1995   Calido II (Calido I) (Holst, grey stallion by Cantus) Approved for: Holst, BaySee more
  • 1996   Atlas (Holst, grey stallion by Acord II) Approved for: CZE WB ISJ level 1.60m with Alex Duffy (IRL) and Noora Forsten (née Pentti) (NLD) See more
  • 1999   Catango 9 (Holst, grey gelding by Carthago Z) ISJ level 1.50m with José Roberto Reynoso Fernandez Filho (BRA) See more

2nd dam:
1973    Kollet ( Retina 29 ) ( Holst, skewbald mare by Roman ) See more

  • 1980   Spange (Holst, dark brown mare by Fernando)See more
    • 1985   Zange (Holst, mare by Lagos)See more dam of KN Colorado ( Holst, 1999, grey gelding by Corrado II ) ISJ level 1.60m
    • 1986   Alma Costa M (Holst, black brown mare by Coriander)See more
    • 1987   B-Contessa (Holst, mare by Coriander)See more
    • 1990   Leona (Holst, bay mare by Literat)See more dam of Ukato ( Hann, 2001, dark bay stallion by Stakkato ) Approved for: KWPN, Hann, SWB, OS ISJ level 1.60m
    • 1990   Leona (Holst, mare by Literat)See more
    • 1997   Madonna XIV (bay mare by Cassini I)See more
    • 1999   Ortega I (Holst, dark bay mare by Caretino)See more dam of Evil Munchkin ( Carino )  ( Holst, 2003, grey gelding by Clearway ) IEV2*
  • 1984   Wetzlar (Holst, chestnut mare by Lagos)See more
    • -000   Intasia (Holst, mare by Cantus)See more
    • 1990   Electra I (Holst, mare by Calvados II)See more
    • 1991   Follet (Holst, mare by Landaris)See more dam of Don't Touch It M ( KWPN, 2008, dark bay stallion by Untouchable ) Approved for: AES ISJ level 1.50m
    • 1993   H-Cabida ( Calida 2) (Holst, bay mare by Cantus)See more
    • 2000   Leendert (Holst, grey stallion by Lansing) See more
  • 1986   Careful (Holst, stallion by Capriccio) Approved for: RheinSee more
  • 1987   Baroness (Holst, grey mare by Coriander): see above
  • 1990   E-Ciska (Holst, grey mare by Calvados II)See more
    • 1996   Lara I (Holst, mare by Calido I)See more dam of Casebrooke Lomond ( Holst, 2008, grey stallion by Lansing ) ISJ level 1.60m
    • 1997   Miss Saigon (Holst, grey mare by Calido I)See more
    • 2003   Tosca XII (Holst, grey mare by Corrado II)See more
    • 2008   Cora XXV (Holst, skewbald mare by Carlos DZ) ISJ level 1.45m with Pius Schwizer (CHE) and Adelaide Lautie (FRA) 1st CSI2* 2016 Mijas (ESP) ( 1.40m ); 1st CSI2* 2016 Mijas (ESP) ( 1.35m ); 1st CSIYH1* 2015 Bourg en Bresse (FRA) ( 1.25m ); See more
  • 1991   Little Rock (Little Rock Gold) (Holst, grey stallion by Landaris) Approved for: KWPN, Holst with Jennie Zoer (NLD) 1st CSI-A 1998 - Grand Prix 1998 Rostock (GER); 1st 1997 - 6 year old horses 1997 Lanaken - WChYH; See more
  • 1992   Gera II (Holst, bay mare by Cantus)See more
    • 1997   Paramount (Holst, bay stallion by Parco xx) Approved for: HolstSee more
    • 2000   Pera II (Holst, chestnut mare by Limbus)See more
    • 2004   Ugera (Holst, bay mare by Cassini I)See more
    • 2010   Cera VA (Holst, bay mare by Clarimo ASK) ISJ level 1.30m with Jonas Vervoort (BEL) See more
  • 1994   I-Calvara ( Calvara 4) (Holst, grey mare by Cantus)See more
    • -000   Romina I (Holst, mare by Acobat II)See more
    • 2004   U-Charme (Holst, bay mare by Casall ASK)See more

3rd dam:
1965    Borade ( Holst, bay mare by Aldato ) See more

  • 1971   Humoreske (Holst, mare by Mahmud)See more
    • 1985   Ziola (Holst, mare by Lagos)See more
  • 1973   Kollet (Retina 29) (Holst, skewbald mare by Roman): see above
  • 1976   Naska (Naska) (Holst, mare by Leporello)See more
    • -000   T-Jessica (Holst, dark bay mare by Rossini)See more
    • 1980   T-Jessica (Holst, bay or brown mare by Rossini)See more
  • 1977   Onique (Martinique 7) (Holst, bay mare by Montanus 9)See more
    • -000   Landprinz (Holst, bay stallion by Landlord) See more
    • 1985   Zampannia (Holst, grey mare by Landego)See more
    • 1993   Calata (Holst, dark bay mare by Calato Z)See more
    • 1993   Calata (Holst, bay or brown mare by Calato Z)See more
    • 1995   K- Justina (dark brown mare by Calato Z)See more
  • 1978   Piranda (Holst, grey mare by Montanus 9)See more
    • 1985   Ziranda (Holst, bay mare by Cor de la Bryère)See more
  • 1985   Zora VII (Caprice 74) (Holst, bay mare by Capriccio)See more
    • 1996   Lamoura (Holst, bay mare by Caletto I)See more
    • 2000   Pauline (Holst, mare by Esteban xx)See more dam of Colada 6 ( Holst, 2008, grey mare by Colman ) ISJ level 1.45m
    • 2002   Smilla III (Holst, grey mare by Calato Z)See more

4th dam:
1945    A. ( Holst, bay mare by Heikendorf ) See more

  • 1965   Borade (Holst, bay mare by Aldato): see above