Performance pedigree of:


Breeder: P.H. Meinen, De Goorn ( Netherlands )  
Current name: Jetset-D
Year of birth: 1991
Country of birth: Netherlands
Color: bay
Gender: Stallion
Studbook: KWPN
Approved for: KWPN, FWB


1981   Zirkoon (KWPN, dark bay stallion by Nurprimus) Approved for: KWPN with Bert Rutten (NLD)
See more

1st dam:
1986    Escansan ( KWPN, chestnut mare by Le Mexico ) See more

  • 1991   Jetset-D (KWPN, bay stallion by Zirkoon) Approved for: KWPN, FWBSee more
  • 1992   Kornrose D (KWPN, chestnut mare by Goodtimes)See more
    • 2000   Tres Bien W (KWPN, bay or brown mare by Nabab de Reve)See more
  • 1995   Night Cap D (KWPN, bay stallion by Ilmeo) See more
  • 1997   Prinzess Royal D (KWPN, chestnut mare by Zirkoon)See more
    • 2005   Action Royal D (KWPN, bay mare by Samba Hit I)See more
    • 2007   Challenger D (KWPN, bay stallion by Discovery) See more
  • 1998   Queen Of Roses Z (Z, mare by Quality Touch Z)See more
    • 2007   Chinook BH (KWPN, bay mare by Lupicor) ISJ level 1.30m with Olivia Natasha Poole (GBR) 1st CSI1* 2015 Allington (GBR) ( 1.20m ); See more
  • 2003   Wish Me Luck D (KWPN, chestnut stallion by Harmony's Rousseau) See more

2nd dam:
1976    Sussan ( KWPN, bay mare by Amor ) See more

  • 1982   Assan (KWPN, chestnut mare by Superieur)See more
    • 1986   Esmiran (KWPN, chestnut mare by Le Mexico)See more
    • 1990   Ischmiran (KWPN, chestnut mare by Calvados)See more
    • 1997   Petite (KWPN, chestnut mare by Calvados)See more
    • 1998   Roxan (KWPN, chestnut mare by Fuego du Prelet)See more dam of Zurich ( Zlatan )  ( KWPN, 2004, grey mare by Eurocommerce Napels ) ISJ level 1.45m
  • 1986   Escansan (KWPN, chestnut mare by Le Mexico): see above
  • 1987   Fenomeen (KWPN, bay stallion by Ahorn) See more

3rd dam:
1966    Hetty ( KWPN, mare by Beiaard ) See more

  • 1971   Marion (KWPN, chestnut mare by Amor)See more
    • 1974   Patricia (KWPN, chestnut mare by Pastrocio xx)See more
    • 1976   Silvano (KWPN, chestnut stallion by Le Mexico) Approved for: KWPNSee more
    • 1980   Walaika (KWPN, dark bay mare by Pilatus)See more
    • 1985   Dagmar (KWPN, chestnut mare by Le Mexico)See more
    • 1996   Olympia (KWPN, dark chestnut mare by Karandasj)See more
    • 2002   Julit (KWPN, bay mare by Michelangelo)See more dam of Vrolijk ( KWPN, 2002, bay stallion by Democraat ) IEV2*
  • 1976   Sussan (KWPN, bay mare by Amor): see above
  • 1977   Cadmus Court (KWPN, chestnut stallion by Cadmus xx) See more

4th dam:
1956    Viooltje ( KWPN, chestnut mare by Normann ) See more

  • 1966   Hetty (KWPN, mare by Beiaard): see above