Holstein collaborates with Hippomundo.

In the past, several leading studbooks have started a co-operation with Hippomundo. A few weeks ago, the Verband der Züchter des Holsteiner Pferdes e.V. followed this example. On its website, the Holstein studbook dedicated a ‘Top News’ flash to this unique co-operation, with the following title: ‘Neuer service: Sporterfolge von Casall- & Clarimo-Nachkommen online’. In the section ‘Hengsthaltung’ of the website ‘holsteiner-verband.de’ you can find the subsection ‘Unsere Hengste’. If you click in this subsection on the button ‘Turnierergebnisse’, you will find immediately the international showjumping results of all the descendants of Casall and Clarimo - a free service offered by the Holsteiner Verband. This is a pilot scheme, starting with Casall and Clarimo. With great interest, the results of the offspring of all stallions of the Holsteiner Verband will be published on the website. Once again, this is a great realization by Hippomundo.