How to see 'sport results' and 'dam line' on Hippomundo


If you enter the name of a horse and then consult its pedigree, you can see on top of the page at the right side several buttons, including ‘Dam line’ and ‘Sports results’. If you click on ‘Dam line’, you get a view of the dam line, spread over several generations. In this view you can see the name of each member of the family, as well as the year of birth, the sire, the genus and the studbook in which the horse is registered. In case of showjumpers that belong to the dam line, the level at which they perform or performed is also mentioned. The name of the horse you have entered is marked in red colour, in such a manner that it becomes easy to find it back in the dam line. If you see besides the name of a dam a square with a plus sign in it, you can click on it and the descendants of the dam will appear.

If you click on top of the page on ‘Sports results’, you will see the results, including the place, the year, the location and kind of competition (for instance Grand Prix or Nations Cup), the number of stars, the height, the date, the rider, the prize money and the individual result.