How to use the "foal planner" ?

Within a couple of months each breeder has to choose stallions to cross with his breeding dams.

Hippomundo offers its users a very interesting tool, namely the ‘foal planner’. Click on the button ‘Add virtual foal’. How to find the sire? Click on the button with a magnifying-glass in the middle or click on the button ‘Father’. If you have found the name of the stallion, click on ‘Select’.

Repeat the same procedure to search and select the dam. Once the sire and dam are selected, you can click on the button ‘Save’. The name of the sire and dam will appear.

At the right side of both names you can click on ‘Pedigree’. As a result of this action, you will see the pedigree with three generations (on top at the right side you can change the number of generations and eventually see inbreeding), the percentage of thoroughbred, as well as the level at which the showjumpers perform or performed. Under the pedigree you can see the sports results of the sire, as well as the dam line (starting with the dam, up to the great-great-grandmother).