How to follow the results of your favourite horses ?

Each of us has his own favourite horses and wants to follow the results of these horses.

Thanks to the Hippomundo tool ‘Follow your horses’ you can follow the results of five horses.

How does it work? Log in, click on top of the page on ‘My account’ and then in the left column on ‘Follow your horses’. Subsequently, click at the right side of the text ‘Add a horse to the result tool’ on the plus sign. If you enter the name of a horse, Hippomundo will show you a list of horses including the entered name. Once you find the right horse, you click on ‘Select’.

You can make of list of maximum five horses. Each time you click on ‘Follow your horses’ and one of these horses performed somewhere recently at international level, you can watch the result, including the location of the tournament, the date, the showjumping class, the level, the sire, the sire of the dam, the studbook, the rider, the breeder and eventually the prize money.

If you don’t find the name of a horse in the Hippomundo database, please feel free to contact us by email: