Hippomundo Breeders Ranking

Based on ‘total earnings’ from November 7th 2016 to November 7th 2017, the German studfarm Lewitz is leading the most recent Hippomundo breeders ranking. In total 591 horses, bred by Gestüt Lewitz, won 4.199.522 euro’s on the occasion of international FEI-tournaments (1*-5*). General manager of Gestüt Lewitz is Paul Schockemöhle who began his career as a groom for his brother, Alwin, and afterwards caused a furore as a rider, trainer, stallion keeper and organiser of auctions. During the seventies and eighties of the last century Paul Schockemöhle performed at the highest level. He won, for instance, team silver during the Montreal 1976 Olympic Games and team bronze in Los Angeles 1984. He became several times European champion. Some of his outstanding showjumpers were Deister, Agent and Lorenzo. Gestüt Lewitz is located in the northeast of Germany. Some key figures of studfarm Lewitz: approximately 4,000 horses, almost 200 employees (including 14 vets) and yearly approximately 700 foals are born.


Ernst Carsten Rolfs is ranked second with 807,648 euro’s, thanks to the Holsteiner L.B. Convall (by Colman). Nathalie Beaufort completes the top three, with 726,315 euro’s. She bred HH Azur, ex-Azur Garden’s Horses, in the SBS registered as a daughter of Thunder van de Zuuthoeve out of a dam by Sir Lui.


If we click in the ranking on the button ‘Average earnings per horse’, we see that Ernst Carsten Rolfs is leading (with 807,648 euro’s), followed by Nathalie Beaufort (726,315 euro’s) and Bernd Richter (458,146 euro’s). In the top 30, 25 breeders occupy their position thanks to one showjumper they bred.


In the top 50 of the Hippomundo breeders ranking we can find 18 Belgian breeders, 15 German, 9 Dutchmen, 5 Frenchmen, 2 Englishmen and 1 Mexican. A few decades ago, the Belgian breeders started breeding by importing horses out of Germany, France, the Netherlands, England and Ireland. They bred with great knowledge. Thanks to their breeders, the Belgian studbooks occupy a top position in the world of breeding showjumpers. In the past, Belgian breeders were looking abroad in order to buy good breeding dams and showjumpers. Nowadays, foreigners are scouting in Belgium.