Hippomundo: two new sections

Hippomundo introduces two new sections: ‘The Voice of Adriana Van Tilburg’ and ‘Facts and figures by Jo De Roo’. ‘Are the stallion approvals in the current format still from this time?’. That’s the title of Adriana’s first article, posted on the Hippomundo website. Based on her impressions, experience and conversations with breeders, she answers this interesting, actual topic. Please, feel free to respond to this article, by sending an email (thevoice@hippomundo.com). Let’s follow the example of Jan Mertens! Jo De Roo analysed the Hippomundo Breeders Ranking, not only based on ‘Total earnings’, but also on ‘Average earnings per horse’ and ‘Country’. Adriana and Jo often visit breeding events and showjumping tournaments. In the future an article written by Adriana and Jo’s analysis of a ranking will regularly be posted on the Hippomundo website.