Hans-Henning v. d. Decken new chairman

Hannoveraner Verband has a new board


Verden. The delegates‘ conference of the Hannoveraner Verband has elected a new board for a new term of office. Hans-Henning v. d. Decken, Stade, is the new chairman, assisted by his deputy Hartmut Wilking, Stemwede. Theodor Leuchten, Ratingen, and Jörn Wedermann, Wangerland were also appointed to the executive board.


Breeders already know Hans-Henning v. d. Decken, Stade, as member of the licensing commission, chairman of the Stade regional breeding district and member of the foal selection committee. “I will do all I can to worthily represent the Hanoverian horse and its breeders,” said the 56-year-old v. d. Decken.


The retiring members of the board Konrad Böth/Niederwalgern, Wilhelm de Vries/Ihlow, Gerhard Senckenberg/Groß-Gerau and Hans-Heinrich Brüning/Ochtmannien were honoured with the Golden Badge for their honorary work and were appointed honorary members of the Hannoveraner Verband. Manfred Schäfer was appointed honorary chairman, accompanied by applause and standing ovations. “It has been my pleasure to be chairman of the Hannoveraner Verband,” he emphasized and also thanked his family. He underlined that without their support, it would not have been possible to properly exercise this office. Manfred Schäfer has been member of the executive board since 1993. He assumed office as chairman twelve years ago.


The newly elected regional chairmen Uwe Wichers (BZV Stade), Walter Robert (BZV Hessen/Süddeutschland) and Jörn Wedermann (BZV Ostfriesland/Oldenburg) are members of the whole board (consisting of 21 members) as well as the newly elected Harm Kleemeyer and Ralf Wagner. All other members of the board were confirmed in their office. A scheduled amendment of the Statutes as regards committee structure failed to obtain the necessary ¾ majority. 



Peter Mahler, Neuhaus, was honoured with the Friedrich Jahncke-Prize. He presented the victorious family at the Friedrich Jahncke-Show in Sandbostel in July with three daughters out of state premium mare Etienne by Escudo II/Wendekreis. Anneli and Willi Brunckhorst, Hollenstedt, were awarded the Fritz v. d. Decken-Prize for the most successful stallion raiser of the past year.