The first selection of the KWPN stallion approvals.

I wrote in my previous blogs about the stallion approvals, stallion choices and the WBFSH Ranking. This week I have attended one day of the first selection of the KWPN stallion approvals. There was quite some interest from breeders and dealers to watch the young stallions, this is quite different from the first selection of the Holsteiner stallion approvals. However, spectators around me found that there were not as many people there that day. The interesting part of the first selection of the KWPN stallion approvals is that you see several offspring from different Sires. On the day that I had chosen, there were offspring by Berlin, Carrera VDL, Carembar de Muze, Chaman and Contendro I. With colts from young stallions and proven stallions alike, the day provided a special insight into bloodlines. Kartouche was a very interesting son of Baltic VDL who had much in common with his grandfather Baloubet du Rouet. He was maybe not the prettiest, but he was a very complete jumping horse. Carembar de Muze a.k.a. London had a very interesting son, currently still without a name, out of the mare Anka (Argentinus – Lupine x Alme Star). This mare has a full brother, Agrostar, who is jumping at 1m60 under Richard Spooner and a hal-fsister Luna Luna 3 (Lordanos) who is jumping at 1m60 with Vicky Roycroft. This stallion received a small applause after his free jumping. Faya des Forets is a very interesting Contendro I son out of a Le Tot de Semilly mother, bred by Fabrice Paris, who is also the breeder of Zirocco Blue. Faya des Forets is a half-brother of Ulyssee des Forets, who jumped at 1m60 level with Steve Guerdat. So yes, the first selection of the KWPN certainly presents great added value to the breeders, with food for thought provided regarding stallion choices from different offspring . In the WBFSH/Rolex Rankings, the KWPN has been occupying the top spot for several years.

I was very happy for Sannah Angenent, the breeder of Kaiden GPH (Chaman) out of Charistia Z (Crawford), who very deservedly will continue to the second selection. In my opinion, Crawford is a stallion that was sold too early by the Holsteiner Verband. He produced several very interesting mares and is the full brother to the mother of Diarado. He moved to South America, to be exact to Guatamala, and he competes under Francisco Arredondo.

I received a reply from Anne Sophie Levallois on my blog with the headline ‘To go against the current or to go with the current’. Together with her husband Richard Levallois, Anne Sophie is the owner of Haras de Semilly, the name behind the top stallions Le Tot de Semilly and Diamant de Semilly. She writes: “To be able to live correctly from your business, you need to cross some of your mares with famous stallions. Moreover, those stallions are more easy to cross because you know more about their offspring, so you have less chances to make mistakes on your crossings with those ones. On the other side, it's also interesting to use younger stallions with some of your mares that you think could cross very well with one of them. It's more a bet on the future, but if you don't take any risk in life and keep doing as everybody, you don't have any more hope to progress.”

Let’s go back to the WBFSH/Rolex Ranking. I would very much appreciate it as a breeder, interested person and as a journalist, if the Studbooks were more open with their information. I would like to know every year how many registered foals each WBFSH affiliated studbook has, and of course I would also like to know the total number of offspring for each stallion. It would also be useful to know the number of offspring for each stallion in each country,  such as in Belgium, Germany, France and the Netherlands and possibly trace offspring outside this area. There are a lot of developments in the WBFSH and I hope that they will reach most of their goals. It was an honor and very interesting to attend the General Assembly in Geneva last year, where the Holsteiner breeder Günter Schüder was awarded the accolade of “Breeder of the Year” for 2016 for jumping horses in recognition of his success in breeding Zimequest Chesall, who is jumping at 1m60 with Simon Delestre. We didn’t sit with each other in the same plane, I took a later flight to Geneva. For me it has been almost a year since I went on my first flight ever… For everything there is a first time, also to take the step to use the slightly less know stallion!