Are the stallion approvals in the current format still from this time?

An international rider and breeder told me recently that breeding is moving in the wrong direction. Breeding is not anymore about continue a motherline but about breeding what the market wants. This was something that touched me because I am thinking the same about this for a while already and I also say this often. The answer which I am getting is frustrating for me we have to make our living with breeding. Even worse was the comment I received ten years ago when I asked a breeder what he would prefer, a good auction result or breeding an Olympic Champion? In the current time you might guess his answer A top auction result, because with that I earn money faster.

The market and stallion approvals are also going hand in hand. You can find offspring from Kannan and Cornet Obolensky on every stallion approvals for jumping horses to name just two examples. During the last Holsteiner approvals the judges were very generous with approving offspring by Cornet Obolensky whereas they approved from a different younger stallion only one. While they could have easily have approved a second son of that stallion. The not approved stallion was auctioned for more money than his approved halfbrother. The earlier mentioned rider/breeder already said before the approvals that some offspring of Kannan and Cornet Obolensky were there to fulfill the wish of the market. At the same Holsteiner stallion approvals were 19 stallions descending from Casall and his sons Cascadello I/II, Clarcon and Connor. This with a collection of 62 stallions.

A breeder from Belgium told me recently that stallion approvals arent necessary anymore, the stallions could convince themselves through sport. And that every stallion should get a possibility to cover mares, they should have a certificate that they are healthy. The market is free plus it would benefit the diversity of bloodlines. I dont think it is a bad idea, but not every stallion that is good in sport is a good Sire. Plus there are enough stallions that havent jumped at 1m60 and that are producing top offspring. Sport is also a wide understanding Does the stallion really needs to jump at 1m60 or would you be satisfied when a stallion has a 1m40 record but has produced offspring that are jumping at the highest level?

For me the stallion approval has as a goal to give information about the producing of a stallion. Often you will have several offspring of a stallion at the approvals. The first selection of the KWPN stallion approvals is just as interesting because they have divided the groups/days by the father. For the stallion owner it is promotion for his stallions and for the breeder it is a piece of the puzzle in finding the right stallion for the mare. I think that Zangersheide has a very interesting system where the stallions have to come back to the approvals to be showed under saddle before they get definitive approved. The judges and the spectators see the development in the stallions and are getting to my opinion a more complete picture about the stallions than with the other stallion approvals.


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