75.000 VISITS...

44.466 unique Hippomundo visitors per month!

The start of 2017 was the ideal moment for Hippomundo to look back at last year’s website results.

That exercise showed us a four time increase of Hippomundo visitors from the 1st of January 2016 until the 1st of 2017.

One year ago, we were visited 17.365 times per month, but now in the last month 4.3 times more (75,175 visitors to be precise!!)

That 75,175 visits were executed by no less than 44,466 unique visitors, something we are truly proud about.

Furthermore, research shows us that the average visitor looks at 4.19 pages and visits Hippomundo almost 4 minutes (3 min 52 sec exactly).

In the past, 100% of our visitors were Belgan, but now our visitors are more and more of international origin. Hippomundo attracts visitors from as many as 178 countries.

The largest expansion came from the Netherlands (10.55%), with closely following Germany (8.42%) and France (7.41%). Also the UK and the USA mark above a 5% share of visitors.

Shortly, a lot is going to happen at Hippomundo, which will most likely allow us to round the 100,000 visitors per month before the summer!

We valued to share this information with our visitors and the growing number of advertisers.

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